Welcome to Terra. A world as diverse with life as it is sentient species. Where magic and science are one in the same. Where there exists an individual of each race known as Arxs that harness the hopes and dreams of their people into incredible power.

With all this diversity and all this power comes conflict. The Sa’rinians work to make the world a better place for all have gained their fair share of enemies. It is that shadowy battle between the Sa’rinians and their enemies that shape the world of Terra.


Special agents Box Bulder and Jana Sully of the Fictional Investigation Bureau,  investigate unusual cases and mysteries in Somewhere, USA. Riddled with X-Files easter eggs, the spoof it truly out there.

For All Ages.

Our slice of life comics!

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Mostly partly true tales of a pair of sisters in a Church sound booth. Our first slice of life comic featuring Cross and Stephanie Marie. #MintTea

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The struggles of dealing with an Artist versus the struggles of dealing with a Writer. #MintTea

Our collection of original fairy tales.

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