The Sovereigncy Codices: Wedding Day Rescue Part 7
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With Sess doing one last sweep of the tower, the others were tidying up on the main floor. Now that Sess could remove her helmet, she could use that high quality snout of hers to sniff out any remaining Typhets, if they still existed, in the observation tower.

The remainder of Sierra was in the main room with the hostages, waiting for clearance so the medics could ascend the tower and tend to the civilians.. Jill’s helmet was up so she could coordinate with the local security forces at the base of the tower. Rayna was being as outwardly kind and relaxed as she could be given the situation to help calm the rescued hostages as she provided minor first aid here and there.

Ravi kept an eye on the whole room, rolling his neck to ease some tension out of it. As he did so he caught sight of a mousy brunette terran looking furtively at the back of another female’s head, not far from her. Ravi rolled his shoulder, using it as a way to get a better viewing angle of the person in question. Glancing over her features he knew she was not a standard terran, but he could not quite place which potential terran look-a-like race she was. He did notice she was holding a small cylindrical item, her thumb nudging the cap. A slight shift of her hand and he realized it was possibly a remote detonator.

The lone male SAINT continued to casually stretch out his arms and shoulders. As he did so he flicked the stun setting of the blaster on his hip out of view of the dubious lady as his hand went past it. Ravi put his hands on his hips and leaned towards the hostages, stretching out his far side, he then leaned away from them to stretch out his other side. Sess came down the hall, returning from her reconnaissance and when the female’s attention shifted to Sierra’s drakomo. When she did that, Ravi started to straighten back up, he grabbed his blaster as his hand came up and with a quick flick of his wrist to snap it around his hip, Ravi shot across his body and caught the lady square in her chest.

Before she managed to slump to the ground, Jill and Sess had their blaster rifles at the ready and both dropped into a combat stance, Rayna got in front of a couple hostages to protect them with her combat knife at the ready.

“The hell was that?” Jill demanded.

Ravi walked over to the unconscious woman, the hostages parting before him. He crouched down and pulled out the device from her hand, and gave the brunette a wink which got a relieved breath out of her. Ravi held up the device for the others to see. “Sneaky sneaky contingency plan.” Rayna swore lightly at him for that. “Just doing what I do best. Saving the day.” He gave the brunette a gorgeous smile, causing her to blush.