The Sovereigncy Codices: Wedding Day Rescue Part 6
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Captain Jillian Vaspur and Corporal Rayna Van’suki had a much easier time getting into position on the landing of the main staircase. The natural tendencies of their races greatly benefited them when stealth was needed.

Rayna had taken the lead, the majority of zentzo were born and raised in their heavily forested homeland. Being trained to hunt from a very young age made them experts in being sneaky. The Corporal was crouched as low as she could go behind the half wall banister, especially making sure to flatten her ears down so as not to poke up over the banister. “Two by the elevators.” She informed her Captain, the two also using line of sight communications to limit the possibility of being intercepted.

Jill was referencing the layout of the tower on her HUD to assess their situation. “That puts them still in sight of the main room.”

“I can get them fast enough.” Rayna said, readying her bow with an arrow, holding an extra one in her hand for a quick reload.

“Of that I have no doubt.” Jill acknowledged. “It’s the ones with the hostages I’m worried about.” 

The Captain paused for but a moment to contemplate their next course of action. Just as she was about to relay her orders to Rayna the crashing sound of Sess charging through the far wall of the main room filled the observation deck of Rorzar tower. By the time JIll finished her curse, Rayna’s second arrow was also on its way, dropping both terrorists by the elevators in rapid succession with an arrow each.

Ravi’s distinct blaster fire quickly followed the initial crashing sound. Rayna was already halfway down the stairs and Jill was just coming around the landing when the large glass wall of the main room shattered as Sess drove the other drakomo through it. The two carried forward a few more steps before their momentum could not sustain them anymore and the male was slammed to the floor on his back. He was snarling and growling at Sess, trying to get his claws into any weak points of her armour.

Rayna jumped the last few steps, drawing and firing an arrow before her feet hit the floor. It managed to find its way through the space of the terrorist drako’s armour but the struggle with Sess shifted harder scales into the space and the arrow bounced harmlessly away. Rayna came up running, she collapsed her bow with a button to slap it on her hip and sprinted for the two drakomos.

As she neared the much larger Typhets Battalion member managed to hit Sess hard enough in the side that he got some more freedom with his arm. He sent out a pulse of power that knocked Rayna’s foot just enough so instead of landing her attack on him she stumbled and slammed into Sess’ side. Matching the timing of the SAINTs crashing into each other he threw his weight the correct way and got them off him.

All three of them scrambled to their feet, the drako rising to his full height, heads and shoulders taller than the first drako they had fought earlier. Clearly the alpha of the two, he took a deep breath and let loose a soulquaking challenging roar.

Sess’ helmet collapsed into her collar and she roared back. She was unable to match his intensity due to her smaller size, but the purpose was still the same.

They came together, teeth and claws flashing for purchase in the other. Rayna darted to the side before charging at his side. The size difference between Sess and the terrorist was significant enough that he was able to take a hand off of her and grab Rayna by the front of her head when she got close enough. He whipped the much lighter zentzo around behind him and threw her away.

Jill had pulled out the patch she had collected from one of the top floor Typhets earlier, as she hit the bottom of the stairs. During the whole initial struggle she wiped some of the blood off it onto the back of her hand in an ancient pattern. The nef’vetals, like almost all nefs, had magic and power ingrained into their being. Unlike the zentzo being natural hunters, the nef’vetals built their traps and defenses around their homes in swampy forests. In tune with the more shadowy side of nature, these nefs were able to influence others through the right combination of magics and materials, as such the Captain focused on the blood and the patch in her hand, holding her other hand above them as she started to whisper, focusing her power into those two ingredients.

The drako drove his elbow into the side of Sess’ head, and then used her to block the flying tackle from Ravi, after the latter finally joined the fight having quickly ensured no other terrorists remained in the main room. The terrorist lifted Sess up, snarling at the perceived weakness he saw in her. He went to deliver the final punch but his arm would not move. The next breath he took he smelled the magic and his eyes flicked down the hall to the black skinned, white haired nef in the midst of her incantation. He dropped Sess and turned for Jill. Even as she channeled more power from her, through the bloody patch and into the towering male drakomo, now that she had his attention it was getting harder to exert her will onto him.

Sess and Ravi piled onto the drako, trying to split his attention. With their added weight and their Captain’s ever increasing chanting, his forward momentum was slowly coming to a stop. Rayna came sliding past the trio, picking up the deflected arrow from earlier and spun around to slam it into the back of the drako’s knee. He roared in rage and pain staggering to the side as his leg threatened to completely collapse underneath him. Ravi and Sess dropped off him and just as they were planting their feet to press the attack, Jill came sailing over them with a flying double kick to the drako’s side that sent him through the open elevator doors to plummet down the open shaft. Sess quickly catching her Captain to prevent the nef from following the drako.

“Can’t get out of clean up that easily.” Sess told Jill, getting her back on her feet.