The Sovereigncy Codices: Wedding Day Rescue Part 4
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Thankfully the top floor of Rorzar tower was pretty empty. Sierra moved quickly and quietly through the halls, Rayna taking the lead with her ears at full attention. They had split up, two moving along the wall on either side of the corridor.

Suddenly, Rayna’s right ear twitched and they all stopped. She held up a hand for all to see and indicated two people were coming down the adjoining hall right in front of Ravi. Sess and Rayna fell back, slipping into a side room so as not to be spotted right away.

Ravi kept himself as flat against the wall as possible, lining himself up so that when the terrorists came into view he was able to catch the closest one with a hand chop to the throat. His eyes went wide when he caught sight of the second guy who was one of the drakomos Rayna had heard. Ravi grabbed the first guy and threw him back towards Jill so that he could lunge for the drako.

There was no question who had the size advantage, but that just meant Ravi was lighter on his feet and easily closed the distance between them. Given stealth was still the modus operandi for the SAINTs, Ravi aimed to get his hands on the drako’s snout to prevent him from issuing any warnings to his fellow bad guys.

Jill caught the other, stumbling, terrorist and drove a couple punches into his face before knocking him out with a downward strike to his temple. She kept a hold of the front of his shirt to ease him down to the floor.

Ravi finally managed to get his hand directly on the darko’s snout. He smacked a spot on his gauntlet and it shot a constricting wire over his hand and it cinched tightly to muzzle the drako, severely hampering his ability to roar. The drako retaliated by kicking Ravi in the thigh, knocking him back, and tried to claw the wire off before it dug too deeply into him. Adrenaline, and his race’s innate healing factor, powered Ravi to throw himself back at the drako, doing anything he could to slow the brute down. That’s when Jill drove herself into Ravi’s back, adding her strength to his to push the drako back, though that got both of them a couple punishing, overhand blows from the large, scally fists of their drako opponent.

Only a handful of seconds had passed since the start of the fight, and even though they had had the element of surprise, the sturdiness of the drakomo was starting to tilt the fight in his favour. If they did not get control of him quickly the racket was going to bring more and endanger the hostages below.

Suddenly, Rayna, the fastest of the four, came flying over her two comrades with a double flying kick to the drako’s head. She bounced off of him and sailed over all three of them, tumbling into a cartwheel as she landed. The drakomo shook his head to clear it and continued the shake down through his whole body to try and dislodge the two ‘normal’ sized SAINTs. When that did not work, he reached down and grabbed Jill by the back of her suit, yanking her off. He tossed her towards Rayna in an attempt to incapacitate both of them, the zentzo SAINT unable to get completely out of the way of her Captain, as the two impacted and fell to the floor.

The drako grabbed Ravi around the back of the neck and lifted him up off the floor. him at him, before he slammed the nephite SAINT face first into the wall. He put so much of his weight into pushing Ravi’s head into the wall that his helmet started to groan under the pressure.

That’s when Sess came around the corner and hit the terrorist with the hardest punch yet. He staggered back, his eyes blazing with rage when he saw her. Sess blocked the punch he threw at her, keeping her arms up to guard against the barrage of blows he threw at her. The female drakomo SAINT did not have a chance to fight back as the male’s rage fuelled his strength and he just kept landing blow after blow.

Staggering away from the wall, Ravi shook his head and whipped it around to re-engage with the fight. He noticed the drako plant a foot and throw his weight into a punch to break through Sess’ guard. That’s when Ravi saw his opening and took two steps, jumped and came down with his full weight on the back of the terrorists leg. The drakomo gave a muffled roar as his leg collapsed under him. As he fell, Sess grabbed his head and slammed it into her knee as she drove it upwards. He instantly went limp and dropped to the floor.

All four SAINTs froze, waiting and listening to see if the drako got back up or reinforcements were on their way.

“Well that’s one drako boi down. Easy enough.” Ravi commented over the comms a moment later to break the silence. As he stretched the three ladies all gave him unimpressed looks.