The Sovereigncy Codices: Wedding Day Rescue Part 3
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Rayna landed with a silent crouch in the empty, top floor maintenance room. The top part of her helmet receded and her tall lapine ears, the trademark distinction of the Zentzo race, sprung up to their full height no longer restricted by the SAINT combat helmet. They shivered in freedom, but then twitched from hearing a sound outside the room coming from the hall. She hurried towards the door, slipping behind the open part, pulling it to her as she pressed herself up against the wall behind it.

“Why is this taking so long?” One of the arriving terrorists said in janky scytherian. “Give us what we want and we don’t kill the hostages. It’s not hard.”

They passed through the door and headed for the rooftop hatch.

“They’re probably trying to figure out how to stop us, but boss was pretty smart picking this place.” The other replied.

Rayna slipped out from behind the door and tiptoed her way up behind the pair. She raised her hands and in two quick movements Rayna grabbed the back of the collars of their chest armour and her own gauntlets extended the blades stored in the forearms to punch right through the tops of their necks. Rayna had braced herself as best she could but still ended up being dragged forward a little bit by the weight of both dead bodies as she tried to keep them from crashing to the floor.

Ravi quickly landed in the maintenance room and caught one of the former terrorists. Rayna and him carried the two bodies over to the maintenance cabinet to stuff them inside with all the various tools. By the time they got back to the hatch, Sess had gotten on her knees beside it on the roof and was ready to lower the bodies of the first two eliminated terrorists down.

Well versed in working as a team, it did not take Sierra long to secure the bodies and the room. Ravi headed for the door and eased up beside it and Sess went to trigger her helmet to fold back into the collar of her suit but Rayna put a hand out stopping her.

“I hear drakomos.” She informed her drakomo squadmate, getting a snort of annoyance from Sess.

“Great.” Ravi drawled. “More OP noses.”

Sess pulled her rifle off her back and moved to join Ravi at the door.

“Same goes for you.” Rayna told their Captain with a pointed finger.

Jill stopped mid application of blood from all four terrorists to one of the patches she had ripped off one of their uniforms and aborted her peoples staple style of hexes. The Captain looked from Rayna to the two SAINTs at the door, specifically Ravi, the male nephite. “That means yours stays on too.”

“Fine by me.” Ravi said. “I like my copious amounts of protection.” He tapped the side of his helmet.