The Sovereigncy Codices: Wedding Day Rescue Part 2
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The door to the cockpit was sealed tight. 

“Ten seconds!” The copilot called over the comms.

There was a pop hiss sound as the back cargo bay door snapped open showing limitless blue sky and an ocean of fluffy white clouds. The copilot had not stopped in his countdown and when he hit ‘five’ Sess simply stepped out of the back of the falcon, there was no real point in a fancy exit as her large frame would not be conducive to one. Right as the drakomo disappeared from view, Ravi skipped into a brief jog and swandived out the back. Rayna was right behind and put her foot on the edge, leaning forward until she could kick off the falcon to accelerate her fall.

“Don’t go too far.” Jill comm’d to the cockpit. “We shan’t be long.”

“Good luck, Captain.” The copilot called as Jill jumped out of the falcon, doing a couple flips before straightening out and falling after the rest of her squad.

Sess was the first to enter the clouds, the other three not far behind her in rapid succession. Between the falcon and various markers throughout the city, Sierra did not lose their way. Their heads up displays keeping each of them well apprised of where they were in relation to their target and each other. Soon enough they punched through the bottom of the clouds and the city on the very end of the peninsula appeared before them.

“Two on the roof.” Sess informed over the comms.

“Couldn’t have let us enjoy the peace and quiet for a second longer.” Ravi lamented.

“Brave buggers.” Rayna commented of the terrorists.

“I will take the one on the west side.” Sess told the others.

“”If only we could tie those eyes of yours into the combat system.” Ravi commented as the tower finally came into clearer view, their suits’ descent protocol adjusting their approach. The system beeped and Ravi quickly scanned through the provided information. “Right. You’re west, I’m east.”

“Be quick about it.” Rayna said right before she did a backflip and got her feet underself.

Ravi whipped right past her as she pulled her bow off her thigh, quickly drawing two arrows from the other. Sess’s suit applied the brakes to slow her down enough that she touched down on the rough of the observation tower right behind her target. Just as she stepped up to take them out, Rayna’s arrow pierced their helmet and skull on the top left side, going down through the head and pinning it to their right shoulder. Sess caught them before they fell and spun to get eyes on the other terrorist.

Ravi was sneaking up on that one, his knife drawn. He was all primed to strike when Rayna’s arrow whizzed right past Ravi’s head and eliminated the terrorist. Ravi grabbed them by the back of their collar and looked back at Rayna as her suit gently lowered her to the roof. 

“Have to keep it going.” Jill said as she touched down on the rooftop. “No idea how long we have before they were to check-in. Rayn clear us a space.”

“Unnecessary.” Ravi told Rayna of the shot that had taken out his target.

She shrugged as she passed him and jumped perfectly down through the open maintenance hatch.