The Sovereigncy Codices: Wedding Day Rescue Part 1
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A matte black, special operations falcon raced through the sky high above the clouds of Scythera. Far below, the Silver Tooth peninsula’s inner coastline was a blur as they headed south, away from the capital of Avador. Inside, the falcon was patiently quiet, the pilot, copilot and full four person SAINT squad all knew their jobs and with it being a relatively short flight in the experimental aircraft they kept to themselves. That was until a priority signal came through.

The copilot checked his screen. “Cap!” He called back into the hold. “For you. Mustang.” He said of the caller.

The nef’vetal pushed herself up from the bench seat and pulled down a vidscreen. She tapped in her authorization, running a hand through her long white hair, and the call secured itself.

“Captain Vaspur.” Knight Zoe greeted from the palace.

“Lady Salazar.” Jill replied with a smile, as she settled into frame.

“Sierra.” Zoe called to the rest of the SAINT squad that were out of her field of view.

Sess, the large drakomo, extended a massive scaly hand in view and waved.

“Zo.” Ravi, the male nephite called, clearly not napping in his gear on one of the bulkhead benches. His greeting combined with his fake sleeping earned him a friendly bonk on the helmet from Sess.

“Thanks for this.” Zoe told JIllian.

“It’s our job.” Jill pointed out, with that smirk.

“A group, claiming to belong to the Typhets Battalion, have taken control of Rorzar tower in Skizor. They have hostages and are demanding the release of a long list of political prisoners.”

“Terrorists are going to terrorist, to get more terrorists, so they can all terrorist together.” Ravi commented, waving a hand about. That earned him a nudge of his foot by the knee of the final member of Sierra, the tall and lithe zentzo, Rayna.

“And they want a public call with Seb.” Zoe added.

Rayna and Sess looked to the screen at that.“On his wedding day?” Rayna asked rhetorically. “Assholes.” She cursed, making sure her arrows were secured in their quiver on her leg with a touch of aggressive annoyance.

“Quick and quiet, Lil. Please.” Zoe said, looking her old friend in the eyes.

“I’ll call you within the hour.” Jill told her.