The Sovereigncy Codices: Echoing Silence
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The sudden silence that befell the town exponentially enhanced the macabre scene that now painted the streets. Fen’ra corpses were everywhere in the most gruesome of positions. It had been a horrific sequence and even worse aftermath as they had done whatever they could to end the unbearable pain that had mysteriously been inflicted upon them.

In his trademark puff of black green power Sergeant William Finch teleported back to the group. “That wasn’t any of us, right?”

Corporal Jason Silver took off his helmet and closed his eyes. He tilted his head down, listening, opening up his senses to hear beyond what his comrades could. Once he reached his maximum range he opened his golden brown eyes and looked to his Captain and Lieutenant. “I hear no Fen’ra hearts.”

Captain Benjamin Mason exchanged a look with Lieutenant Dominic Pierce. In the background the fully armoured Erlking, Lily, was inspecting a Fen’ra corpse she had picked up.

“Only thing I can think of is that something happened with the Arx.” Dom said.

Lily tossed the body down and all of Echo looked over at her curiously.

Mason’s comm went off. He lifted a hand to his ear out of habit, despite the helmet still being on. “Echo Actual.” He acknowledged.

“Benjamin.” Aly greeted.

He turned away from the others, for a small measure of privacy and to give the Rhonyx his full attention. “Your Grace.”

“Can Echo come back to the Palace as quick as you can, please.”

“Of course.”

“And bring Venus. I want her opinion too.” Aly said.

“Yes, Your Grace.” He nodded.

“Thank you Benjamin.” Aly said before the call ended.

The Captain turned back to the squad and Lily. “We’ve been summoned home.” He looked at all of them in turn.

“You ok?” Dom asked Jason. The Lieutenant activated a call button on the touchscreen built into the forearm of his armour.

Jason cleared his nose. “I have some spray on the falcon.” He reached up and pinched his nose giving it a shake.

The distant sound of their falcon activating and lifting off to come to them.