The Sovereigncy Codices: Delta Knowledge
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At their height, the fleet of floating Islands had been known around the world. With the technological crystal revolution the lumbering Islands had fallen out of favour and now only four of the massive creations remained. A revolution that saw routine mystical and magical energies, that usually required copious amounts of time, and people, to set up, let alone maintain, be refined down into various crystals. Coupled with a steady power supply, it spread out some amazing conveniences for everyone. The Islands were a true vestige of that era as they had been retrofitted as the technology was developed.

While the outside looked like a floating piece of ground, the interior was nearly futuristic in it’s aesthetics as the crystal technology had been installed. The hangar bay took up a massive portion of the Island, to help it fulfill its role as a mobile operations base. The Delta falcon, along with Delta and Maris, were lowered into the hangar on a large elevator.

Lieutenant Blake Hudson walked out the back of the falcon as they descended from the surface. Throwing his hands up in the air when he saw Maris. “Pretty purple lady! You did it!”

Maris looked out across the busy hangar and out into the sky beyond. “That wasn’t me.”

Blake had already been in the process of getting her in a big hug and regardless of her answer he got her in one anyways.

“Captain Rivers.” Matt’s comm went off, preventing him from rescuing Maris.. “The Admiral is requesting you and the Veras join her in her office.”

“On our way.” Matt responded. “Admiral’s office.” He told the group, indicating the nearby exit.

Thankfully the evolution of technology did bring better amenities to the Island. When they were created the majority of the power going into keeping the Islands afloat meant long walks while on the island. Today after that outing for Delta and Maris it was nice to relax, even for a moment, in the lift as it brought them from the hangar to the command section.

Unlike the hangar, the hallway the lift deposited them on was quiet and cleaner. Blake lead the group out and immediately hung a right.

“Is it a good thing he knows where to go?” Maris tilted her head towards Lieutenant Shawn Flynn.

“I agree. Church,” He said of Blake’s callsign. “Is suspiciously knowledgeable of Church of the Alignment facilities.”

Maris gave him a unamused look which broke his attempted serious look and Shawn grinned.

The door to the Admiral’s office was already open, so Blake just walked right on in.

Admiral Sophia Nikosi was in the midst of taking a sip of water when Delta and the Veras arrived. “Please. Come right in.” She drawled, motioning to the limited seats. Sophia finished taking her drink as the group got settled. “This is all unconfirmed as reports are still coming in.” She said, getting right to business. “But it appears whatever happened here affected all of the Fen’ra.”

Silence hung in the room for a moment.

“All of them wiped out?” Ryan asked soberly.

“Almost.” Sophia said. “Again reports are still coming in, however Captain Kincaid has captured the Arx and is returning to Alya with him.”

Blake’s eyebrows went up at that. “So Jake killed them all?”

Sophia shrugged. “I don’t have those details yet.”

Seated in a chair, Maris was looking out the window, beyond the room. “It was not him.” She continued to stare off into the distance. “Not the Draconis’ style.”

“There would be no bodies left over if it had been him.” Shawn added from where he stood against the wall.

“Saw the Arx at the bridge to Nalovodena with Nate.” Blake pointed out. “Would be more the Kelevra’s style?” He speculated.

“Nate hasn’t had that level of power for years.” Sophia said matter of factly.

“Kassandra was with him.” Matt pointed out.

Maris blinked, coming back to the room. “If Jake has the Arx, where are Nate and Kassie?”

“No idea.” Sophia said contemplating that. “I’ll find out.” She told Maris.