The Sovereigncy Codices: A Casual Conversation
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The Federation Hawk flew over the mountains and continued across the sweeping plains. Smaller than its more robust sibling the Falcon class transport, a Hawk was designed for short range, rapid deployment. A pilot in the very front with a co-pilot seated above and behind, both separated from the main compartment in the back. The doors on either side of the Hawk were slid back so that the two occupants inside could have an uninterrupted view of the mountains and plains as the Hawk raced towards its destination.

“Inquisitors still haven’t found Carus.” Kalan thought aloud as he had an arm up against the side of the door frame.

“After Arthus he was deemed less of a priority than the Fen’ra.” Saren said, seated on the back bench. “As well, the Church assumed responsibility for him succeeding Madilyne.”

Kalan regarded the golden plains the Hawk raced across. “No offence to you.” He tipped his head towards Saren. “But of all the Arxs out there, she was the one I wanted to interact with more.”

“You and every other sapien being with a pulse.” Saren commented dryly. Kalan turned to look at the Kryt Daiki with an arched eyebrow. “I understand what you find attractive.” He assured. “There was more to Madilyne than her looks.”

“That is what was attractive about her.” Kalan countered. He returned his gaze out of the Hawk, looking down at the blur of grass whizzing by. “It just doesn’t make sense that she let herself be taken out by that bomb.”

“Technicians still haven’t figured out who turned off the security recording after she sent Carus away?” Saren asked.

The Hawk started to descend as the top of the buildings making up the city of Curit came into view.

“They aren’t trying anymore. With Arthus destroyed there is no way to get any further evidence.” Kalan pushed away from the door and stretched his arms above his head.

“Have you been to Arthus since?” Saren asked standing up to join Kalan.

The Sekran gave the Daiki a sideways glance. “That’s magical sucicide.”

“As opposed to your usual methods?” Saren joked before jumping out the side of the Hawk towards the street below.

Kalan rolled his eyes before following suit.