The Sovereigncy Codices: This Is Not a Test
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It was a bittersweet time for celebration. After several years of many highs and lows, their time at Navis University was coming to an end. The group conversation had turned melancholic as it neared its conclusion with the talk of returning to their homes and preparing for life after school.

A commotion across the street suddenly caught their attention and the friends all looked over to see a large limestone toned devarian plowing his way out of a store with a tanned terran and oak coloured nef’ilvari stuck close behind him. All three wielding a blaster that sent the crowd into a panic. The trio piled into an awaiting nondescript, white truck and it raced away before all the doors had even been closed.

It took Ivy a moment to recover from the shock of a robbery in broad daylight but she quickly cast a look up and down the street and tossed her bag to her friend before taking off after the getaway truck. She took two perfectly timed steps out onto the road and immediately got hit by a city bus. Ivy knew because of her power, absorbing all the kinetic energy from the bus and its occupants, everyone was safe, so she immediately applied that gained energy into her body and accelerated down the street, gaining some speed on the robbers’ truck. They slalomed their way through traffic while Ivy just charged right down between the lanes.

The truck jerked to the right then cut to the left and drifted through the intersection to shoot down the perpendicular street. Ivy still had a block to go before that intersection so she made a quick decision to dumped energy into her legs and launched herself up onto the nearby commercial building rooftops. Cutting across buildings, Ivy had to hop over a few alleys before the escaping truck came back into view as she ran along the street side edge of the roofs.

The intersection at the base of the freeway on ramp was going to slow them down, but if they made it through that Ivy was not going to be able to keep up. Acting fast, she swerved away from the edge of the building for a few strides before charging back towards the corner and jumped. Even though Knight Ani had put her through the ringer with her training, a real life scenario was something else entirely. While Ivy had aimed to land in front of the truck she actually came down right into the bed of it, desperately dropping low to not get thrown off by the erratic swerving.

The nef was the first one to react to her arrival, poking himself out the window and angling his blaster towards her. Ivy tapped him on the side of the head to knock him out, then immediately grabbed his limp body and pushed him back inside the cab of the truck.

Out of the other window on the other side popped the terran. Ivy lurched across the truck to smack his blaster away. She grabbed his arm and yanked him out of the cab of the truck and into the bed where a quick touch to his jaw knocked him out. Up close now she realised the terran was actually a sex, booze and gambling loving pantyr given the slightly pointed ears. He probably leaned more towards the gambling side of things for his race’s stereotypes to be part of this thievery.

Ivy turned her attention back to the front of the truck and completed a short handspring to get over the cab and come down with enough enhanced force that she went through the hood and pushed the engine down into the ground. It took a bit but Ivy managed to hang on as the truck ground to a halt, leaving a trail of engine debris and a long scrape in the road.

There was a moment’s pause before the horrific sound of metal being torn from metal got her attention and Ivy turned just in time to see the devarian front passenger holding the ripped off truck door he removed as he got out. The first swing he took at her Ivy ducked into the now empty engine compartment to avoid. A touch of power into her legs and she vaulted up out of the hole and over the devarian. He turned, pulling the door with him in a more powerful swing. The door hit her then hit the pavement stared at the door for a brief moment.. The devarian let go of the door and grabbed for Ivy. His hand clamped down on her shoulder but slipped off once the energy transferred to her. Ivy dodged his next grab but he managed to get a big hand around her wrist and pulled her to him so he could wrap his arms around Ivy and lift her up off the ground.

“Hey!” She protested as he restricted his arms to hold her just enough to restrain her without over exerting himself. Ivy pulled her leg back and kicked him right between his own legs.

The devarian just laughed. “Wannabe hero forgot basic biology. That doesn’t work on me.” In his arrogance he pulled his head back and tried a vicious headbutt to subdue the would be Knight.

With their faces now so close together Ivy just stared unimpressed he had forgotten so quickly what happened when he hit her.. She pulled her head back and returned the headbutt. The devarian dropped Ivy and stumbled back. She quickly pressed the advantage and touched him a few centimetres up from his left hip and in towards the center of his body. With that pulse of power from her, he instantly dropped to his knees. Ivy grabbed his head to slam it down into her rising knee, using what remaining stored up energy she had to enhance the force of the impact and render him unconscious.

Ivy bent over hands on her hips panting heavily, having pushed herself further than she had in a long time when a panicked scream caused her head to whip around in its direction. She saw the terran driver had gotten out of the ruined truck and grabbed an innocent bystander. He had the lady held between himself and Ivy with a small blaster pressed to the impromptu hostage’s head.

Ivy straightened up, leaning slightly back in a wavering attempt to stay standing. Before she even got a word out an arrow latched onto the blaster and disabled it. A mutually confused look came over Ivy and the thug’s faces as they started at the arrow attached blaster. A split second later a spongy ball tipped arrow hit him square in the temple and released a golden flash of magic that knocked him out.

The hostage fell down mostly out of fear, weeping uncontrollably. Ivy leaned back over hands on her knees, really wishing for an energy boost as she looked down the street and saw a figure standing on the corner of a rooftop, bow in hand. Them being a couple blocks apart it was hard for Ivy to tell who it was, but having experienced the receiving end of such brutal accuracy for the last few years during her training it was not hard for Ivy to know who it was. The top Knight of Navis, her mentor and now her friend gave the soon to be Knight a casual salute of appreciative acknowledgement. Ivy replied with a tired wave and dropped down to sit against the ruined truck to catch her breath after that exhaustive ordeal.