The Sovereigncy Codices: The Start of an Incredible Journey
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She could not really complain about having to work this weekend afternoon. It was a rare weekend where the small town had no big event that commanded everyone’s attention. Of the six hours she had been behind the cash at the small, and only, hardware store, the lone moments of excitement were when people walked by on the sidewalk. But that was the kind of shifts a part-time student should expect.

At some point the young lady had decided to busy herself by ensuring the cleanliness of all the screwdrivers on the shelves. She had worked her way halfway down the aisle when the bell to the front chimed as it opened. Thankful for a break in the boredom she marked her spot and went to go see if they needed assistance, though stopped dead in her tracks when she caught sight of the strangers. And strangers they were, no one she knew dressed as clean and precise as these two. Perfectly tailored clothes were not really a thing around this town. They gave off a very distinct vibe and ss the aged owner of the store would say with some disdain, ‘cityfolk’

Remembering the job she had to do she took a breath to suck up her courage. “Can I help you?” She asked with that perfect small town charm.

The tall, well built, handsomely tanned male with an expert, clean and close haircut and immaculate trimmed beard returned her charming smile with one of his own. “Ivancica Korsar?”

She slowed her steps on her way to the front of the store. “Yes?” The young lady answered hesitantly.

He put a hand on his chest as he introduced himself. “I am Severian Forza. This is Zoe Salazar.” He indicated his companion, the incredibly fit, warm bronzed skin female with thick dark hair that was pulled back into a massive braid. “We are Knights of Scythera.”

Ivancica’s brain broke at that, unable to adequately process that information given their current location so far from the country’s capital. “Uhhh…” Was the only sound she managed to make in response to that.

“Good things.” Zoe cut in. “We’re here for good things, Ivancica.”

“Ivy.” Ivy responded automatically. “Only get called that if I’m in trouble.”

“Ivy.” Severian said warmly. “Sev.” He reintroduced himself.

“Hi.” Ivy waved, still skeptical of the situation.

“We wanted to talk to you about the three fifty to Vatar.” Sev explained the reason two Knights had come all this way.

Ivy’s eyes narrowed for a split second. “I already told the sheriff everything.”

Again Sev gave her a reassuring smile. “I am sure you did.” He agreed. “But there is something about hearing the story first hand then reading some soulless reports.”

Ivy looked from Sev to Zoe and back. She thought for a moment and shrugged. “Train was coming. Bus of kids was stuck on the tracks. I stopped the train before it could annihilate the bus.”

Sev watched her for an extra heartbeat. “Why though?”

Ivy’s eyes narrowed at him again, longer this time. “Because I could? Why are you Knights? Because you want to be? Because of your abilities? Both? Because you want to protect people?” She challenged calmly. “I did it because I knew with my ability I could save lives with minimal collateral damage. Kids were fine. Train was fine. Everyone went home, with slightly elevated heart rates, but they all went home.”

Sev was genuinely smiling, she could see it in his eyes. He turned to share a look with Zoe before he returned his attention back to Ivy. “I want to make you an offer. You’re graduating next month. Been working here to save up money to go to school in Navis.”

“Yeah.” Ivy acknowledged slowly.

“The Order would be willing to pay for your continued education.” Ivy’s eyes went big when Sev said that. “In exchange.” He quickly brought up the ‘catch’. “Every other weekend you will participate in training provided by the Order. Upon graduating university a comprehensive review will be initiated which could lead to an offer of Knighthood.”

Ivy stared at him, still eyes wide. “You want me to be a Knight?”

Sev continued the endearing smile. “We want to train you to be a Knight. Whether you become one is entirely up to you.”

Ivy blew out through her partially pressed together lips, that reverberating sound filled the store.

“Obviously a lot to take in.” Sev continued after Ivy had fallen silent. “Something you need to think over and talk about with your parents.” He reached into his jacket and pulled out a business card. “My information should you have any questions or wish to set up a meeting between all of us and your parents.” Ivy stepped forward to take it when he held it out to her. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Ivy.” Zoe nodded in agreement. “I hope we get to talk again.”

On that cue, Zoe opened the store’s door and after Sev had passed her on his way out the Knight looked back at Ivy. “Love the shoes.” Zoe said of Ivy’s sneakers and gave her a wink before she followed her boss out and left the young lady to recover from that whirlwind of a visit.