The Sovereigncy Codices: The One that Remained
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The village Saroria had know from long ago had grown into a sprawling city. So large had it become that it warranted the rise of a King millenia ago at the end of the Chaos War. Yet even with the Royal line and construction of the Palace at the bottom of the Lonely Mountain, the one true constant through all the destruction and rebuilding that had happened over the ages was the gorgeous red Rori and her tavern Sanctuari. It had become an institution, evolving into a sprawling tavern from its simple two room long house.

Today had been a long day, because it had been a hot day, not that Saroria was bothered by the heat. What got to her was when there was no breeze coming through the canyon that separated the lake Avador warped around and the sea on the other side, which meant there was that additional oppressive humidity. The devilishly beautiful reccubi had changed out of her usual revealing and tighter clothing to something a little looser, in the hopes of obtaining some relief from the stickiness in the air.

Because of the grossness of the weather, Rori had asked the cooks to keep it simple with some bread and plenty of ale. To have the stoves running all day would have been detrimental to their health and would make the whole building uninhabitable. Plus no one wanted a bowl of their signature stew on a day like today. She had sent the cooks home just after the sun went down as Rori and a few of the server girls could keep the drinks flowing without their help. 

It had gotten quite late and with only a few customers left the only staff left was the owner and she was keeping busy with mindless cleaning tasks. Rori bid farewell to her penultimate customer for the night as she wiped down the bar. When the bar was clean enough, the last patron was still slouched in the corner staring into his mug. Instead of calling out to him that it was closing time, she headed over for a more personal interaction. Something that was a rare treat in this age given the popularity of the tavern and large population of the city.

“Third night in a row you’ve been here to closing.” She said, putting a hand on the back of the chair opposite him at the table.

The lupine eared cenzo’s gaze was locked onto the depths of his mug, hoping he could discern some answers from its contents. “How much for you to take my soul?”

The question caught Rori completely off guard, but she expertly kept that shock from making its way to the surface for him to see. “You think I’m a succubus?”

He rapidly blinked those copper brown eyes before he shook his head to clear it. “Sorry. Meant no offence.”

Rori let out an amused breath. “What I am is not an insult to me.”

“Reccubi though?” He clarified. “Feed on mortal souls when at the heights of passion?”

The aforementioned Reccubi narrowed her eyes at him. “You a Hunter?”

“No.” He assured. “Just know too much for my own good.” He raised the mug to his lips and tilted his head back to drain as much of the ale as he could. The cenzo got up and held the empty mug out for Rori. “Sorry for keeping you.”

Rori regarded him a long moment before she took the mug. “Three nights you’ve been here.” She repeated. “You look like you haven’t slept or bathed properly in a while. Let’s go get you cleaned up and a proper meal in you.” Her tone implied she would not allow him to decline her directive.