The Sovereigncy Codices: The Greats and the Library
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Alex knew she was coming long before her footsteps echoed down the hallway into the library.

“Hey Sexy!” Kathryn called from the top of the library’s steps. “You know it turns me on like nothing else watching you be all smart and passionate about advanced science stuff, but Chase says we have a couple hours after midday before that army gets here.” The SeraphCorora vaulted over the railing and dropped the two stories to the main library floor, continuing to walk as if she had just taken a single short step down. When Kate knew he was watching her, she accentuated the roll of her hips as she crossed the distance to her soulmate. As focused as Alexander was on the Library’s discovery, his hormones rode to war against his rational side, seeing the way his wife toyed with him. Even though their twins were not even a year old yet, her simple salacious movement had him wanting to grow their family even more.

“Eyes up handsome.” She teased, and when his gaze met hers Kate’s eyes were so full of delighted mischief.

“I love you.” Alex breathed out.

Her smile became radiant and she bent over when she got to him to give him a quick kiss. “Love you. And no, no more kids for a while.” Kate never ceased to amaze Alex in how well she could read him. That dual Seraph Corora connections with his Draconis Kelevra left very little room for them to hide anything from each other. Kate straightened up and looked to the Library’s realistic projection. “Hi.”

“Princess Kathryn Rayen Alexandrus.” The Library responded and Kate arched a curious eyebrow.

“She is able to know all things that have been written.” Alex explained.

Kate smirked and looked down at him. “So then she knows all the saucy things you’ve written about me?” She suggested cheekily.

“I hide nothing from you.” Alex stated. “You are fully aware of what I’ve written about you.”

Kate was radiating mischievousness now. “Has he written what his favourite thing is about me?”

“Kathryn.” Alex stopped writing and looked up at her.

“Yes.” The Library responded to the question.

Alex pointed a finger at the visual representation. “No need to answer her.”

“It is my purpose.” The Library repeated evenly.

“She is merely doing it to get a rise out of me.” Alex stated, but then a thought struck him. “What’s her favourite thing about me?”

“No…ope…” Kate skipped over and tried to cover the Library’s mouth but her hand just ended up going right through the Library’s head. She yanked her hand back and held it close to her chest. “Sorry.” Kate apologised to the eternally patient figure. “Astral projection?” She asked Alex.

“No.” He said. “But for the purpose of understanding how we are seeing her, yes.”

Kate scowled at him before bending over to run a finger along the top of his book. “Non-magical energy being generated by the heat of the planet passed through specially crafted crystals that produce light at specific wavelengths to create an image.” She recited.

“Seraph touch reading in action.” Alex told the Library. “Although I wonder if you could absorb everything she knows by touching the pedestal?” He thought aloud to Kate.

His wife eyed the softly glowing device. “I got enough ‘knowledge’ rattling around up here from my ancestors.” Kate tapped her temple. “Any more crazy and you wouldn’t love me.” She teased Alex.

“As long as you got your looks.” He shot back, turning the page.

Kate just stared at her husband. “One of us will come and get you at midday so we can keep moving.”

“We can’t leave.” Alex told her. “Not until I secure this place.”

Kate stopped and turned back to arch an eyebrow at him. “How long would that take?”

“Longer than we probably have.” Alex said.

She looked around the grand hall of the library. “I’ll tell them to prepare for a fight. But worst comes to worst…” Kate trailed off letting her hand glow a moment to convey that message.

“I’ll get it done.” He assured.

Kate knelt down beside him and with a finger to his chin lifted Alex’s head to give him a thoroughly inappropriate kiss before standing back up and effortlessly jumping back up to the entrance of the hallway.