The Sovereigncy Codices: The Great Library
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Time melted away after Kate left as Alex’s curiosity took full hold and he wrote every answer the Library gave to his questions down in his book. After a particularly lengthy note Alex took a break to process what he had just written. “Using the inherent, ordered, lattice structure of crystals to store and transmit energy, with a method of applying and extracting the patterns through a readable device…if applied properly it could revolutionise how the world communicates and increase your information gathering exponentially.” He thought aloud. “There would need to be some motivating factor to accelerate world wide adoption of the technological leap. As well as a spread out research base.” Alex tapped his pencil against the edge of his book. “Are there any other living people pursuing this line of research?” He finally asked.

“There are. Do you require their names and locations?” The perpetually patient Library checked.

“You’ll just give that to me?” The thoroughly invested Alexander questioned.

“It is my purpose.” She reminded him.

“Right.” He nodded mostly to himself. “To think what the world would have become if you had not been lost in that civilizations collapse.” Alex paused for a long moment as thought processes raced through his head. He finally looked up at the Library’s serene image. “Unless that was the point of the collapse…to hide you. Someone using the Chaos Lord Rebellion as a cover to wipe out the city and you?”

“I have no record of such a plan.” She told him.

Alex wrote a quick note in his book not at all hearing the footsteps coming down the hall.

“Hey cutie patootie!” The feline basset, Ryly called from the top of the steps. “You ready?”

Alex’s head whipped around and he looked up at Kate’s best friend. “Oh…no…”

Ryly put a hand on her hip as she smirked looking down at him. “Got lost in the sauce that is nigh unlimited knowledge?”

Alex sheepishly scratched the back of his head. “Something like that.”

“Well time to put that vast and brilliant intellect of yours to the test. Time kept on ticking away despite your desire to the contrary and we need to wrap things up here real quick.”

“On it!” Alex closed his book, disappearing it nto the shadows of his robe.

Ryly pushed herself up to sit on the railing to make sure Alex did not lose track of time again.

“Time to quickly set up wards and enchantments to protect you.” He stated but then paused a moment, Alex pointed at the Library’s image. “With all the knowledge you’ve collected, are you able to make your own opinions?” Alex quickly added. “If I were to ask you the best way to do something, could you give me a subjective answer?”

“Within the parameters of my design.” The Library told him.

“What would be the best way to protect you?” Alex went ahead with his question..

“Who are you wanting to protect me from?” She questioned.

“Anyone that would use you to the detriment of sentient life on the planet.” Alex expanded.

“That question itself is subjective.” The Library told him. “If you were to ask those that you wish to protect me from, they would not want you having access to my knowledge. There are even records of various Royalty that would likely have done terrible things with the information I hold. The solution should ensure the right people to you, the only Kelevra Draconis to exist, are the ones able to pass through your protections.”

Alex regarded her for a long moment. “Balance.” He said aloud in realisation. “Unity. The Royalty as one complete entity.” The Library gave him a patently accepting look. “Thank you.” Alex genuinely told her with a respectful bow, for everything she had shared.

She returned a nod of her own before finally providing an answer to a question asked long ago. “It is your eyes.”

“Sorry?” Alex asked.

“Kathryn’s favourite thing about you is your eyes because they let her ‘purely see your magnificent soul’.” She quoted.