The Sovereigncy Codices: The Great and the Library
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“From that point onwards, I have existed as part of the planet’s lifestream and anything anyone has committed from memory to written form I have seen and recorded.” The Library finished the simplified explanation of her existence to this point in time.

“Fascinating.” Alexander Evans breathed out as he continued to write in his book. “I have so many questions…” Alex trailed off making sure he got down every thought he had.

“It is my purpose to answer.” The Library Stated with unnerving patience. 

The current Kelevra took a breath and finally looked up from his book. “What about you?”

“I require a more direct request.” She informed him.

Alex regarded her lifelike image as he thought for a moment. “Why this form?”

“My appearance is based on one of my creators’ terminally ill wife.” The lifelike projection stated.

“And you are fine with that?” He questioned, genuinely curious.

“My appearance has been set since my inception. It is merely a convenience to help facilitate more positive interactions.” She said matter-of-factly.

“Did the people of the ancient civilization look like you? Alex asked.

“No.” The Library told him. “There were no sa’rinians or terrans that were a part of that civilization.”

“Then was the wife of your creator sa’rinian or terran?” He continued to follow his scientific line of questioning.

“She was sa’rinian.” She answered.

“Do you know why sa’rinians and terrans look alike?” Alex asked a question he had since learning there was one race hiding amongst another that resembled each other nearly identically.

“I do not know.” The Library said.

Alex hummed as he thought, focused on writing more notes in his book before moving on. “How did the world forget about you? Sounds like so many people and cultures were led to you but there is no recent mention of you.”

“The destruction of the civilization that had built itself around this pedestal was the result of a long war that had consumed this entire continent. From the final memories of those that threw themselves upon my shelves, dragons of significant size and strength, descended upon the city. The powers they produced from their mouths was of such intensity that organics were incinerated instantly and all other matter was reduced to molten slag. 

“Extrapolating upon that, the outcome was likely the entire area turned to a near glass like material that sealed the Library and myself down below. Then over the millennia that followed the various cultures on this continent moved on, stayed away from the mirrored wasteland and nature steadily reclaimed the area.”

Alex looked up from his book and leaned back to look up at her. “The Lords of Chaos rebellion?” He asked after a moment’s thought.

The Library lifted her head to stare straight for a moment. “There is limited information on that event, however the timeliness of the two events have the potential to align.”

Alex let out a breath at that and got right back to writing that revelation down.

“As there is limited information about the Library after the cataclysm. The logical answer to your question of how I was forgotten, is that being buried and thought destroyed, any knowledge of me was lost to generational turnover. The Library became a story, then a myth and then finally forgotten to time.” She was pleasantly emotionless in her methodical explanation.

He stopped taking notes to look up at her. “It doesn’t bother you? Being forgotten?”

“I am able to fulfil my defined purpose.” The Library’s continued patience with Alexander’s questions never faltered. “That is all that matters to me.”