The Sovereigncy Codices: Staff
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It had been a sluggish start for the majority of the population in Avador. An overnight rainstorm had dropped the temperature a few more degrees than normal and the cooler morning had meant a slower beginning to the day for a lot of people. Sanctuari, the tavern older than the city itself, had yet to become the hive of activity it was infamous for during open hours. The cooks had been the first ones in, prepping for the day a couple hours before the official opening time. Which meant as the first shift arrived, the kitchens were a nice warm refuge from the cool dampness of the city outside. So now, the ladies arriving to open the restaurant were blissfully taking a moment to warm up and embrace the time to slowly sip a fresh cup of coffee.

The latest arrival had just taken a deep inhale of her coffee when a thought struck her. “Anyone seen boss lady recently?” The dark skinned dryad, Vetti, asked.

Misti took a swig of coffee before responding rhetorically. “When was the last time you saw Rori awake before noon? Let alone for opening?” The blonde terran nodded towards the ceiling and Rori’s apartment beyond it. “And if she’s got ‘company’ up there, good luck seeing her before dinner.”

Vetti wobbled her head in partial agreement. “Just didn’t see her yesterday and when Kardi got back to the apartment after closing she said she hadn’t seen Rori either.”

“Not like it’s the first time the boss has missed a day.” The kryt cook, Hua, pointed out checking the temperature of a pot.

“Yes.” Vetti nodded. “But it was thigh highs yesterday and when was the last time she missed a chance to show off? Plus today is frisky frills outfits, and if she misses two themed days in a row…” She trailed off not knowing how to finish that.

Everyone’s attention shifted to the backdoor as it opened and Sanctuari’s ‘manager’ walked in. Rori’s, golden haired and skinned nef’hyrl, second-in-command regarded the assembled cooks and servers. “What’s happening?” Merci asked.

“Wondering where Rori is.” Vetti told her.

“She is.” Misti added. “Not so much the rest of us.”

Merci let her bag slide off her shoulder and put it on the nearby counter. “She’s out of town.”

“Just like that?” Vetti questioned.

Merci shrugged. “She’s the boss. She can do what she wants.”

Misti ticked her head to the side as a memory popped up. “Does this have anything to do with tall, dark and sexy from the other day?”

“The one you got yelled at for letting into the kitchen?” Hua teased.

Misti scowled at the cook for that.

“Couldn’t tell you.” Merci said of her own lack of knowledge. “She does what she does. I do what I do. As should all of you.” She gave a double clap to break up the group chat and get them all moving.