The Sovereigncy Codices: Mom and Dad
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A slow day at the Church capital of Alya had led to a quiet evening across the city.

The Rhonyx took a sip of her water, testing the freshly poured temperature, and headed over to the sitting area of her suite. “Any word from Abbie or Nate?” Aly asked, taking a seat on the couch beside Captain Kincaid.

“No.” Jake said as he placed his comm down on the cushion beside him. “They passed through a magical rift the other day and have been out of contact.”

She arched a long delicate pitchblack eyebrow. “And you aren’t concerned why?”

“Magical rift.” Jake repeated. “I am the Arx that represents magic incarnate.”

“That doesn’t mean you’re all powerful.” Aly pointed out as she pointed a finger at him.

“It’s not a problem.” The Draconis assured.

She crossed her arms, leaning back to regard him for a moment. “Is it because you trust Nate? Trust Abbie? Or honestly believe nothing would stop you should your presence be required?”

“Nate will have things under control.” Jake answered. “And if not, he is the best at thinking on his feet. Everyone will survive, if not a bit singed, depending on how the experience unfolds.”

Aly regarded him pensively for a moment. “How well do you actually know Nate?”

Jake cocked his head slightly to the side. “What do you mean?”

“I know we grew up with you being told to be my friend because of what you would become one day…” Aly started, referencing his current Arx status.

“Your mother’s machinations merely introduced us. It was because of who we were. And. Are. That made us friends.” Jake interjected.

“But you weren’t with me all the time.” She carried on. “You don’t talk about your time with Nate.”

“Because it is mostly all classified.” He reminded her, which just got a roll of the eyes from Her Radiance. Jake paused and turned his head to look out the window, over the snow cloaked city of Alya. “If your and my bond was formed sitting around a campfire, Nate and mine was born in the flames.

“Sa’rinian Kings. The first two to survive the Erlking process. Deployed on missions as teenagers that would have otherwise seen legions of soldiers sent to their deaths to accomplish. We’ve both seen the worst parts of each other, and both saved the other from that personal hell.” He tapped a finger on his knee as the harrowing memories resurfaced.

Aly shook her head. “The things they did to you as kids.”

“We volunteered.” Jake informed her. “Our Hyrarx’s wouldn’t let us die during the procedures and the hope was the program would get some viable data from us to better refine the process.”

“And yet, no one else survived and the program was shut down.” Aly knew at least that much.

“Well, your sister.” Jake pointed out. “But still, no one knows how she did.”

Aly snorted in amusement, her glass a whisper from her lips. “Stubborn is not strong enough of a word to describe Lily. Just like her mother.” She took a sip of her water.

“Quite the trio you three make.” He commented.

“If only we were halfway functional.” Aly said of her and her siblings.

“I have faith in all of you.” Jake assured her.

Again she regarded him for a moment. “How? How do you have faith in us?”

“Because I know Nate like no other and if there was ever anything anyone needed to know about Nate to know his character, it is that both of his sisters look up to him.” Jake reached over and gave Aly’s knee a squeeze.

“And Abbie.” She said. “She won’t shut up about him sometimes.”

“I chock that up to youthful enthusiasm.” He acknowledged. “Before she learns to know better.”

“Hey!” Aly protested. “What does that say about me and Lily?”

“That you both have yet to learn better?” Jake joked.

The Rhonyx rolled her eyes, shook her head and drained the rest of the water.