The Sovereigncy Codices: Assembling the Party
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“Ivy.” Bella started. “I love you, but it’s Nate. As much as he can be a pain, he won’t let anything happen to me.”

Ivy looked back the way they came quickly. “That sounds like the exact same reasoning Seb gave to you mere moments ago about Abbie.”

“She’s a child.” Bella pointed out. Ivy gave her some serious side eye for that. “I am a Queen.” She needlessly explained.

“One does not preclude the other.” Ivy stated.

Bella narrowed her eyes at the Knight for that comment implication. “I am so glad Seb has built such a loving and trusting Palace culture.” She drawled.

“He is pretty great.” Ivy nodded. “So long as Zoe is around to reign him in.”

“That’s what I do.” Bella pointed out.

“Says the one wanting to go on an ‘adventure’ with THE Nathanial Evans and Abigail Kincaid.”

“It’s not that I want to.” Bella explained. “There should just be a responsible adult on this trip.”

“And that’s why Seb has ordered me to go with you.” Ivy stated, getting yet another long look from the still new Lady Raith. “Plus Kassie if she agrees.” Ivy added as they headed into a common room. A well loved room with comfy couches, a windscreen and room for family activities.

“Agree to what?” Kassie asked from her window nook reading a book.

Bella gave her a (patient) smile. “Not sure how you’re feeling about the length of your vacation. But as you are aware due to Abbie’s enthusiasm, there is an ‘adventure’ going on.”

Kassie raised a hand to stop the Scytheran Queen. “How much of a pain is this going to be?” Kassie asked.

“Depends whose side you’re on.” Ivy said.

Bella let out an exasperated breath. “There are no sides! We are all on the same side.”

“Ah. One of those ‘adventures’.” Kassie said.

“How have you become so jaded?’ Bella questioned.

“Practical.” Kassie corrected. “For as few times as I’ve interacted with Nate, they have all been pretty important life defining moments so just rubbed off from him?” She suggested.

“Friggin’ Evans.” Bella grumbled.

Ivy just gave her a look knowing full well Bella would be classified as an Evans for this conversation.

“So. Nate.” Kassie started to count off each name on her fingers. “Abbie, putting aside that questionable decision. You. You.” She indicated Bell and Ivy. “And me.” The Corora paused in her contemplation. “Nate’s not going to like this.”

“No one likes this.” Ivy pointed out. “So then why are we doing it?” She asked rhetorically. “Because no one can say no to an adorable little Princess.”

“Well we better get going.” Kassie snapped her book shut. “He’s on the move.”

Bella paused and tilted her head curiously to the side. “How do you know that?”

“Ever since Nalovodena.” As Kassie stood up she raised a hand and waggled it behind her head. “I have a vague feeling of him. Hard to explain as I don’t fully understand it myself, but closer we are stronger and more detailed it is?” She questioned herself.

“Interesting.” Bella said slowly as she processed that little tidbit.