The Sovereigncy Codices: Ancients Intermission
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Alya, the Capital of Oskelia, sat as one of the most northern major cities of Terra. What started out as a small town@@@ had turned into a sprawling metropolis as the Church of the Alignment embraced the Crystal Revolution. The crowning achievement of the city, and the Church, being that of the Alignment Palace. Built against and into the mountains that shielded the city from the worst of the northerly winds, the palace was a gleaming testament to the hard work and perseverance it took to survive in this snowy region.

As much as faith was an important tenant to live in the colder regions of Oskelia, it went hand in hand with the Church’s dedication to ensuring that the right person was in the right job. Sometimes that meant there were some passionately faithful that ended up in a position. In particular some had found their way on to the architectural and engineering teams that designed and built the palace. And with Natalya, The Rhonyx, being such a beautiful and charismatic leader, their designs elegantly matched her persona, much to her grief and amusement.

Which meant she was sat upon the Seat of Grace just in front of one of two iconic pendulums that adorned the palace. The Ancient of Light watched from the top of the dias as the service played out. It was always fascinating to her, listening to the mortals preach their beliefs especially now that she had taken a much more prominent role in this particular system of faith. They were reaching The Rhonyx’s favourite part about balance in ones life when suddenly the pendulum behind her froze exactly in the middle of its swing as did everyone but her.

Natalya’s head dropped to the side. “Really?”

The Draconian, Chaos manifested as a mortal body, walked into the hall viciously digging a knuckle into his ear. “You are the one incessantly calling me with that annoying sound.”

She rolled her head all the way back and around in exasperation. “And you choose now to show up?” Natalya pushed herself up out of her chair.

“Irritating begets irritating.” He countered. The Draconian continued to walk down the center of the room in between the time stopped mortals. Natalya snapped her fingers and the sound that had followed him across all of creation stopped. He lowered his hand with a grunt of relief. “What do you want?”

Natalya’s demeanour brightened excitedly. In a flash of light she warped down to just in front of the Draconian and skipped the last few steps to him. “My most beloved Drake.” She used her favoured nickname of him. “I would like to know who the next Draconis will be.”

He narrowed his blazing red eyes and scowled at her. “The current one is nowhere near death.” Drake pointed out.

“Firmly ensconced in Winter’s web.” She added.

He tilted his head back and sighed. “Childish games.” Drake looked back down at her. “How many more of these are you going to drag me into?” The Rhonyx gave him a very generous pout. “What makes you think I even have anything to do with that whole selection? It is it’s own thing.” He waved a hand vaguely up above them.

Natalya put her hands together. “Please? I’ll make it up to you?”

Drake gave her an unimpressed look. “What do you think would even make me entertain the idea of trying to figure out who it’s going to be?”

She blinked at him a couple times before pointedly looking down at her bountiful cleavage and then back up at him.

He snorted in derision. “You forget I am not a mere mortal, bound by time and flesh.” The Draconian indicated her congregation.

Natalya straightened up. “Worth a try. Works most of the time.”

“Time.” Drake scoffed in a deep rumble.

Natalya rolled her eyes as she turned back towards the dias. “Well thank you for the visit. I do so miss you.” She warped as light to right beside him and snuck a quick kiss on his cheek before warping herself to be seated in her chair. “If you do ever find out I would love to know.”

Drake looked up at her with a dangerous smirk. “What is it you always tell the mortals when they find out what you are?” He paused for dramatic effect. “Spoilers?”

It was nigh impossible for The Rhonyx to keep her amusement out of her expression as she glared down at him. And then as suddenly as the Draconian had appeared he was gone again and the sermon continued unimpeded by the two Ancients’ interlude.