The Sovereigncy Codices: Always Testing
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After meeting just outside the University, Ani and Ivy had driven out of the city and followed the freeway out through the dense rainforest that lay just beyond the city limits. After around a half hour Ani took an exit and they drove for another half hour before they turned up a gated driveway.

Even though it was long and straight and Ivy could see light at the end tunnel of dense tree branches, heading up the driveway felt like the forest on Ani’s property was pulling back to welcome her home. When the car came to a stop Ivy did not even realise they had made it to the house as the level of artistic vegetation covering it made the open, airy house blend right in with the forest that came right up to its exterior walls.

Ivy got out of the car and looked all over the jungle-esque villa. “Like your plants?”

“Need the change from working in the city.” Ani said after getting out on her side of the car.

“You drive that every day?” Ivy asked.

“Only occasionally. I usually use the teleporter that’s linked to the Order’s headquarters in Navi.” Ani explained.

Ivy furrowed her brow at her trainer. “Why didn’t we do that?” 

“Because, above all else that I teach you, I want you to remember why you chose to become a Knight.” Ani told her across the roof of the car. “I do this to protect the natural beauty of our country. To ensure that future generations have this rich luscious land to enjoy.”

“So you help all trainees find their reason for fighting?” Ivy surmised.

“Well no one should be a Knight for the money.” Ani pointed out. “But it is my special brand I bring to my training. You would also be surprised at how often having a definitive purpose helps a person gain control over their abilities.”

Ivy thought about that a moment thinking about some of the kids back home that had learned to manage their powers with that kind of method. “That’s fair.” She commented and returned her attention to the wonderful garden covered house. “I love what you’ve done with all the greenery.” She stepped up to smell a pretty pink flower.

“Thank you.” Ani graciously accepted. “It helps it is inherently easy for me to maintain. That wood nef presence is a great cheat on making sure they thrive.” She smirked.

“Just like how my uncle said my aunt was better at heating up the house than a furnace was.” Ivy joked.

Ani snorted in amusement. “A temper?”

“Nef’raza.” Ivy reminded the nef’ilvari of her fiery cousin race.

Ani wobbled her head. “Same thing.” She joked, which got a chuckle from Ivy. “Your room is up the stairs to the left. When you’re ready, come meet me in the barn.” The Knight hooked a thumb over her shoulder at the building not to far away sat on a cleared field, towards the edge closest to the house..

“Will do.” Ivy nodded and stepped inside Ani’s well loved home, with it’s lofty ceilings and fresh and spacious rooms.

Not wanting to keep her mentor waiting too long Ivy quickly found the guest room and dropped her bags on the bed. She completed a short exploration of the house to find the washroom and kitchen, really wanting more time to explore such a beautiful home.Ivy found herself at the doors to the back patio and headed to get a stunning view of the valley behind the house. Rolling hills in the distance, lots of green, thick trees made it hard to figure out exactly what comprised of the valley floor. Before Ivy got lost too much in the wonder of Ani’s place, she headed over to the barn and met the Knight at a side door.

“As a reminder today we are here to test your current limits.” Ani refreshed both of them on the purpose of the trip to her home, heading into the barn with Ivy. “The whole property has Federal level wards around it so no need to hold back.” The nef’ilvari informed as she stepped up to the barn’s workbench.

With one hand Ani picked up a hammer, with the other she reached for a disguised switch a moment after Ivy came to a stop in the middle of the barn. There was a click from up in the rafter and the poor young lady did not even get a chance to move as a horrifically massive log swung down high above them. At the bottom most part of its arc it slammed hard into Ivy’s back. Or rather came to a complete and absolute stop as all its energy was transferred to her.

Ivy looked behind her and stepped to the side, the log slowly settling to a rest. “That was unnecessary.” She looked at Ani.

The Knight hummed thoughtfully. “Thought you’d be angrier.”

“I’m annoyed.” Ivy told her, looking over the hanging log. “But not entirely unexpected.” She made it around the end and sighted down the length of it out the large open door that looked out over the grassy field. “Get invited to Knights house for training, have to expect some traps.”

“Way you say it, makes me sound like a serial killer in a horror movie.” Ani crossed her arms.

“How are you the one offended by what happened?” Ivy asked. “I grew up on a farm, I know how to be constantly vigilant.” She straightened back up, touched a finger to the center of the end of the log and it was just gone with a rush of wind in the vacuum of its disappearance.

Ani blinked as her brain comprehended the now alone Ivy. She flinched when the distant crash of the log startled her out of her revere. Ani stepped forward to look out the barn door and saw the dust and debris from the impact of the log to the trees of the forest line in the distance.

The Knight looked back at a patiently smiling Ivy. “Went out with friends last night. Big party, lots of people, had some pent up energy.”

Ani shook her head. “I get the feeling no matter what I put you through I’m going to be infinitely surprised.”