The Sovereigncy Codices: A Simple Request
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The daunting presence of the Palace of the Church of the Alignment, the focus point of the near arctic city, had not been intentional. The architects and engineers had been honest and earnest in their design efforts and the Palace had been a stunning beacon against the mountain. Until the first major snowfall that had accumulated in unexpected places. It was still a magnificent building, just now with a charming, ominousness to it.

Once inside though, the warmth of not only the building but of the people wiped out any hesitation one would have entering the Palace. Steven knew this to be true as it was a trip he made everyday on his way to work in the subterranean hydroponic warehouses that helped feed the city year round. This time though, he did have a foreboding feeling as he walked past the main lifts and towards the ones that went to the upper levels of the actual palace.

The silence of being alone in the lift as it ascended did not calm his nerves. It was not everyday one received a personal meeting request from the head of the church herself. Thankfully it was a quick ride and the lift opened out to a sweeping hallway. Befitting the main occupant of this floor, the hall was adorned in all manner of art by way of statues, paintings and tapestries. It all brought an inviting warmth to the hall. Unfortunately, due to the severe lack of people working and moving about in the hallway, it refreshed his anxiousness.

Evidently his sense of wonder and worry were written clear on his face as the elder Illeti, a short man whose pale white skin of his people was freckled with their usual light brown mottling, by the reception desk gave him a warm smile and patiently asked. “Can I help you?”

Steven blinked and looked at him, his brain taking a few moments to process the question. Just as he opened his mouth to answer the grand double doors of the Rhonyx’s office swung inwards.

“Major Kincaid!” Natalya greeted with bubbly enthusiasm.

Steven blinked several times and his body just automatically started to bow. “Your Grace.”

“None of that.” She told him, gliding across the floor to slide her arm in his. “This is a perfectly simple, no nonsense, casual chat.

“He’s married.” The aide at the desk pointed out.

Natalya’s head whipped around to give him a glare. “I am aware.” She rolled her eyes and turned back to Steven patting his arm. “I do not know how such dubious rumours about me started.” She said, leading him into her office.