The Sovereigncy Codices: A Simple Life
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The rest of the day had gone quickly enough, distracted as he was after his morning meeting. Lost in thought as he had been, it was a bit of a surprise that he was suddenly at the front door to his house. It was a simple dwelling, designed after the Illeti snow homes, but with more modern materials and amenities. Built to not only withstand the snow and cold but also to provide a comfortable living space for those inside.

Steven took a steadying breath and opened the door and a wall of warmth greeted him as the heating wards kept the inside of the house a comfortable temperature. But also a warmth in that it was home, a safe and secure sanctuary for the Kincaids. A warmth that permeated the body and the soul, especially with dinner preparations in full swing, making the house a touch warmer than it needed to be.

“Hey dad!” His son greeted, racing over for a hug.

Steven just managed to get his toque off in time before kneeling down for a hug that made the weight of the day just melt away. “How was school?”

“Boring.” The blonde little guy said. “Except for gym. Gym was fun.”

“Jacob!” His wife called from the kitchen. “Back to homework.”

Jake groaned, somehow exasperated for an elementary schooler.

“Spelling?” Steven asked him as he stood back up to get his jacket off.

Jake’s shoulders slumped. “Yeah.”

Steven ruffled his hair and nudged him towards the dining room. “Let me say hi to your mom and I’ll come help.”

“Yes.” Jake pumped a fist and took off down the hall.

Steven made sure to put away all his things properly. One could not expect a child to be tidy if the parents did not set a proper example. He carried his lunch bag into the kitchen and walked up behind his beautiful blonde wife. Steven got an arm around her waist and dipped his head to kiss her cheek. “Smells delicious.”

Gail let out an amused breath. “You say that no matter what I make.”

“Not true.” He defended playfully.

“Even that horrid tuna salad I made when we first started dating.” She reminded him.

“It wasn’t that bad.” He drawled.

She turned around and put her hands on his cheeks. “You are a brave man, Major Kincaid, but food poisoning is not something to be trifled with.” She gave him a quick kiss.

“Speaking of things not to be trifled with.” Steven started. “The Rhonyx herself had an odd request for us.”

Gail arched an eyebrow at him. “For us?”

“I am a brave man, but not nearly brave enough to make a decision affecting the family on my own.” He joked.

She laughed at that just as Jake called out for his father.

“Homework. Dinner. Then we can talk.” She told him.

Steven snuck another kiss before he gave her a quick salute and headed to go help Jake with his homework.