The Sovereigncy Codices: A Simple Introduction
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In the midst of last minute preparations in the Kincaid household the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” An already halfway down the stairs Jacob shouted.

“Nooo.”  His mother, Gail, took a step back in the kitchen so she could stretch a hand towards Jake as he neared the front door. A slight rush of power and he was yanked back down the hall, into the kitchen and into his mothers arms.

“Hey!” He protested, squirming to get free as she moved them out of view of the front door.

Steven shook his head with a smile at his son’s enthusiasm as he walked from the family room to the front door. He was not shocked to find the Rhonyx standing there. The surprise came from the fact that she was actually wearing, for her, an appropriate level of clothing to shield herself against the perpetual wintery cold of northern Oskelia.

“Your Grace.” He respectfully bowed his head.

Steven caught sight of the little girl at her mother’s side, Alysa properly bundled up in a similar style as her mother. Though with an adorable white and purple toque that had a big fluffy purple pompom on the top. 

Natalya immediately wagged a finger at him. “None of that. Especially in your own home. Major Kincaid.” She addressed him formally at the end to emphasise her point.

“Well you are not inside yet.” Steven cheekily pointed out as he stepped back to let them in. Once the pair were inside and the door closed against the cold, Natalya started to brush the snow off herself then Aly when Steven crouched down to greet the little girl. “Hello.” He gave her a warm smile.

Alysa shrunk behind her mother, grabbing a hold of the Rhonyx’s jacket for additional protection, though still kept her brilliant blue eyes on the man.

Suddenly, footsteps came racing down the hall from the kitchen as Jake finally got free of his mother. “Whoa.” He slowed to a stop, staring up at the magnificent Rhonyx. The motion of Aly moving further behind her mother caught his attention and his face lit up. “Hey! I’m Jake.”

Aly’s eyes were wide, somewhat overwhelmed. She cautiously looked up at her mother.

“It is ok.” Natalya assured her. “It is safe here.”

That caused the future Rhonyx to take a calming breath. “Aly.” She told Jake her name.