The Sovereigncy Codices: A Not So Simple Request
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The first thing Steven noticed about the Rhonyx’s office upon being led inside was that there was a very real probability he could fit his entire house inside with some room to spare. Maybe not his entire yard, but still the size of the room kept him in the state of awe he had been in upon exiting the lift.

A large fireplace dominated the left wall with a sizeable plush couch, comfy chairs and an ornate coffee table arrayed in front of it. Further along the wall was a closed door that likely contained a private chamber. The other side of the room was dominated by a massive tactical table and finally her heavy wooden desk was set right in front of the floor to ceiling, arch window that overlooked the city.

Her Grace’s voice broke the silence as she moved them further into the room. “Apologies if my out of the blue request caused any undue stress.”

“Not at all your Grace.”

“That’s a lie and we both know it.” The Rhonyx laughed. “Next time I won’t give someone a day to stew and dread “ She noted. “I assure you I only wish to have this conversation as equals. As one parent to another.”

That gave Steven something to grasp onto amidst his stunned silence. “How is Alysa?”

“Positively lovely, but absolutely bored to tears. ‘Tis the burden of a toddler who can be given anything she so desires.”

Steven smirked despite himself. “Is that the problem of the child or the parent?”

Natalya dropped her jaw in feigned shock, even adding a hand to her breast to sell the act. “I am nothing but a joyously, loving mother.” She quickly shifted back to the task at hand. “Which is why I wanted to speak to you. The other weekend, I hope, it was your wife and son I saw with you in the palace?”

“Yes, your Grace.” Steven nodded. “My son had a project about how his family contributes to society.”
“Rather high level concept for a grade schooler.” Natalya amusedly commented.

Steven blushed ever so slightly. “Given current company, I thought I had to up the wording on ‘What are my parents’ jobs?’”

She dismissed that with a wave of her hand. “Adorable. I look forward to the day where my little one has to complete such an assignment.

“Though I must confess that while her topic will be absolutely stellar.” Natalya gave him one of her beautirific smiles. “I fear she may not be as accepted amongst her peers due to…well, me. I was hoping that perhaps you would be willing to introduce your son and my daughter? I understand there are a few years between them but the older they get the less that difference matters for lifelong friends.”

Steven’s eyes went wide and he blinked at her. “I…your Grace.” He bowed his head. I don’t know what to say.”

“Nothing. Honestly.” She took his hand in hers. “I hope that she can make a friend beyond the prison of these grandiose walls. I know I am asking the world of you and your family and I would be a fool to expect an immediate answer. Especially without talking to your lovelier other half.” She teased. “I ask naught but they be introduced. Anything beyond that is as much a delight as the dawn of each day.”