The Sovereigncy Codices: When Life Comes at You Fast
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It was an absolutely gorgeous day, not too hot, not too cold, with a nice breeze. So Sydney had gone for a nice long run this morning. After a quick shower and high protein breakfast, Syd was seated in the staff room of the smoothie shop she was employed at, just relaxing with her own refreshing smoothie.

Her shift partner, the dark haired, deeply tanned nephite Francene hustled through the staff room and into the washroom with her usual hurriedness. Even if the volume on the vidscreen up in the corner was not that loud, Syd was listening to the noon news show until Cene came back out and plopped into the chair beside her.

“Sydney.” The nephite used the basset’s proper name as she bent down to tie her shoes. “Why are you here?”

Syd made her eyes go big as she finished taking a sip. “I work here…and my shift starts in fifteen minutes…”

“Not what I meant.” Francene stated. “You’re an arx. You’ve been chosen to be the embodiment of your race and you’re working at a smoothie shack?”

“I got bills to pay and I enjoy this job?” Syd answered confused on the purpose of this line of questioning.

“Don’t you feel like you should be doing something else?” Cene continued.

“I’m willing to help out as needed but I still have to take care of myself.” Syd stated.

Francene sat back up and watched Syd for a moment. “I’m sure there are those that would pay you quite well.”

“This kind of power should not be beholden to anyone because of money.” Syd stated.

“What about your people?” Cene suggested, gathering her hair and tying it back.

“Not all races have a country they control and the bassets are thoroughly spread out.” Syd told her. “And even if we did have a country I don’t want to be some government lackey.”

“Probably a good idea.” Francene agreed. “Like the Federation is looking for new ones since one was killed, their successor has disappeared, one got locked up and the last refuses to work for them so long as elements of the current administration are in place. Which isn’t exactly a grand vote of confidence for any other arxs that sign up.”

“Politics.” Syd air quoted.

Cene took a long look at Syd again. “I just don’t get it I guess.”

Syd dropped her feet to the floor and sat forward to give Cene the attention she deserved. “Alright. Let’s pretend that on the way home from work today you get chosen as the next Nephrite. As a fellow de-centralized race, what do you do?”

“I don’t even know what it’s like to be an arx.” Cene tried to dodge the question.

“You suddenly feel insanely energised, like you could do absolutely anything. But once that initial rush settles down you feel your people. Not like on an individual level but as a whole, their hopes and dreams, their fears and their pain. You are the eye of the storm that is the swirling clouds of souls that is your race. You try not to lose yourself to it, to keep yourself centered. How do you do that? By doing what’s familiar to you, sticking to your routine. Remembering your hopes and dreams.

“Some would feel a responsibility, others like me just want to do what’s right, but also not change their lives too much. Yes I have tangible power, but why should that change ME.”

Cene nodded as she started to get it. “You kept yourself from going crazy by keeping yourself grounded in who you are.”

“Yeah, cause the Bast, to me, chose me for the way I was living.” Syd said.

That seemed to resonate more with Cene and she slowly nodded as it all clicked into place. The vidscreen suddenly flashed with an emergency alert catching their attention.

“Apologies for interrupting your regularly scheduled program.” A news anchor appeared on the staff tv. “There is currently an ongoing incident downtown Ascili around the northern River district. The Sheriff’s office is requesting everyone to avoid the area at this time.”

Syd’s looked to Francene

“They said to stay away.” Her friend pointed out. “And you made a deal with the Sheriff.

The Basset arx eyebrows went up expectantly.

Cene sighed. “Go. I got things covered.”