The Sovereigncy Codices: Still Her Dad’s Little Lady
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Kassie wiped at her brow more so out of a lifelong habit than any actual need. The smaller benefits of being the Corora had come quietly over time. Heat no longer bothered her, she was never out of breath and Kassie could see so much more clearly.

“You know, of the information I’ve been able to gather on previous Corora’s some would have been able to fill this entire garden with a wave of their hand.” She started the conversation.

Her father, the former Federation President William Summers, sat back on his haunches and pulled a rag out to wipe his forehead. “And what fun would that be?”

“I didn’t say I WOULD do it.” Kassie stipulated. “Only that some predecessors could. I don’t want to shortcut our time together.”

Will raised his hands up to the sky. “Finally she learns something.” He joked. “I’m such a proud father.” Will played it up by wiping at a fake tear under his eye.

Kassie gave her dad an unimpressed look. “I could just as easily undo all your work.” She pointed out.

“As could I.” Her dad stated as well. “It’s called a shovel.” He joked.

She rolled her eyes in the only way a daughter could when their father made a bad joke. “I’d do it with much more style.” Kassie was working on making sure her section of the garden was weed free.

“You have certainly developed your own style. You’ve gotten more comfortable with the Corora.” Will commented.

Kassie adjusted her position to sit on the grass beside the garden. “I mean…what choice do I have? Just like when you were President, I now have the power to change the world. It is incredibly scary, but at the same time I want to use it to do some good. I know because of it I’m not going to necessarily live a long life, but judging from the lives of my predecessors it will be an impactful one.”

Will watched his daughter for a short moment. “Is that what you want?”

She looked at her dad. “Honestly…I don’t know what I want. After mom died it was all just doing my best, supporting you through your career and setting myself up for a sustainable and positive future.”

“I hope my choices did not restrict you in any way.” Her dad told her.

“Dad.” Kassie admonished. “You always talked to me. We did it together.” She stressed. “As your daughter, seeing you achieve all that you did, I don’t think I’ll ever be as proud in someone as I am in you.”

Will gave a soft smile as he went back to the gardening. “Oh you will be. When you have a little one of your own and you get to watch them grow…there is nothing sweeter in life. I still remember the day you were born, holding you as you screamed yourself red. Now look at you. An intelligent, caring, veritable goddess.”

Kassie wrinkled her nose. “Goddess part was a bit of a fluke?”

“Was it?” Her dad questioned. “From what has been explained to me, arxs are chosen. You. Were chosen. To me that means the Corora saw something in you it wanted. An entity beyond my comprehension chose my daughter to empower with their blessing.”

“You see it as a blessing?” Kassie questioned.

“I, like you, know the troubles that follow the Corora. Seeing you grow from a little girl to a young lady I knew you would be destined for great things, now with light and life flowing through you as the Corora, you can shine brighter than any star.”

Kassie arched an eyebrow at her dad. “Been doing a lot of thinking lately?”

“Always have, always will.” Her dad told her. He sat back again and pushed his thumbs into his lower back.

“Retirement not all it’s cracked up to be?” Kassie checked.

Will let out an amused breath. “When you start to slow down physically, all that excess energy has to go somewhere.” He tapped his temple.

“You always were too self aware for your own good.” She told him.

“Just means I have a great sense of humour.” Her dad joked.

“Uh…huh…” Kassie drawled, getting back to work and noticing a little bee trying to crawl around in the dirt not far from her. She slowly extended a finger towards the tiny bee. After a moment of hesitation it climbed up onto the finger and Kassie gently raised it up to the top of the flower.

“See now, of all the remarkable things you can do, that is probably my favourite.” Will said. “The harmony you now have with nature. To perceive things on a whole other level, that is beautiful.”

“It has been weird.” Kassie confessed. “I have been…feeling things differently. It’s hard to explain but it’s like I know the…flow of things?” She tried to verbalize coherently. “Not like seeing the future, but the trends of life? Like the ground here is better for the garden than over there.” She pointed across the lawn, “because I can feel the flowers already reacting to the richness in the soil.”

“Or the other day when I was out shopping, a pregnant lady caught my attention and a moment later she went into labour. I also don’t want to go around hospitals anymore as that ‘feeling’ generates anxiety from all the pain and suffering?” She was unsure she had found the right way to describe it.

Will gave her a concerned look. “Have you thought about talking to Saren or Kasin? A kryt or other nature oriented race?”

“I haven’t seen Saren since Arthus…and Kasin since you retired from the Presidency.” Kassie said. “As much as they both cared for me in the beginning, things have…changed a lot since then.”

“I know I can’t possibly know or even imagine what you are going through, but it never hurts to talk to friends, old or new.” Will reminded her.

“Yeah…” Kassie nodded. “I’ll see about reaching out to them…” She trailed off and then suddenly sucked in a shocked breath, a hand going to her stomach.

“What?” Her dad asked concerned.

She put a hand to her stomach and after a moment of concentration answered. “Nate.”