The Sovereigncy Codices: Her Selection
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An absolutely gorgeous day with perfect weather meant it was an excellent time for a nice long run. Sydney loved moving, muscles burning, wind in her face, she just felt so free while in motion. Some considered it running from her problems, but really it cleared her mind and Syd was able to passively sort out any problem she had in the back of her mind. 

She had grown up unable to stop, her mom had jokingly referred to her as her own ‘little perpetual motion machine’. Syd had done track all throughout school, even going further to take up any form of movement based activity, like parkour. Her need to be physically active only skyrocketed once she was confined to an office job for most of the day.

She had strived for physical excellence her entire life, the gym was not her style so she had tailored her exercises to use the natural weight and motion of her body to optimal effect. Another key factor was maintaining a regular schedule and so had ended up making many acquaintances that followed a similar routine, out and about the city of Ascili.

Her long black ponytail swung perfectly behind her with each running step Syd took. Her tail, one of two major racial defining characteristics of the bassets, allowed her far greater balance management, was a bit more under her control and she kept it swaying in time with her movement adjustments. A lifetime of practice meant that the already nimble and agility evolved feline basset spent far less energy on each step than any other enhanced movement enabled race. Through the large park of Ascili, Syd bid good morning to all sorts of other early morning exercise enthusiasts. Nearing the entrance of the large park, Syd smiled big and waved at the clearly unimpressed, that they had been taken from their bed this early in the morning, stroller bound baby. The pointed pyramidal ears on the top of her head picked up the faintest of grunts from the little one and Syd’s smile just grew as she made the turn out of the park towards her office building.

Syd’s stomach growled as she ran on top of the sidewalk and the desire for coffee filled her mouth. She saw the sign for her favourite coffee shop in the distance but also did not quite yet want to give up her need for speed. She kept pushing, even as her muscles and lungs burned more intently, she did not want to stop, she needed more, Syd needed to go faster and further.

Syd was coming up on a crosswalk lamenting that she’d have to wait, and the locked-in basset was completely oblivious to what was happening behind her. Sparks of energy started kicking up from each footfall, arcs of power skipped across the ground following closely at her heels. Syd pushed herself harder still, trying to time the light, at the same time the sunburst orange, preternatural wildcat of the Basset hyrarx raced up out of the ground behind her. It kept perfect pace with Sydney as they neared the intersection. They were a dozen metres away when the hyrarx lunged forward and disappeared into the feline lady. Light flared in Syd’s eyes and she took the deepest breath of her life only to blink and find herself on the other side of the road. Before it registered what happened, another blink and Syd was two blocks further. A third blink and she was windmilling her arms in a near panic as Syd applied the brakes to keep herself from running into the large building at the end of the street.

She looked wildly around trying to figure out what happened and how she had just crossed such a significant distance in three blinks of an eye. Syd was frantically patting herself down to make sure everything was still where it was supposed to be. She grabbed her ponytail and ran her hand down it to make sure nothing had been lost, then flicked her tail around to give it reassuring pets.

While Sydney’s mind raced, out of her came the projection of her people’s hyrarx. It prowled around her a couple times before moving closer and nudging her hand. When the big cat placed its chin in Syd’s offered hand realisation flooded her. It was like breathing, a person didn’t know why or how they learned it, they just understood how to do it. Syd didn’t know how she knew, she just now understood that she had been chosen. She was now the Bast.