The Sovereigncy Codices: Her Predecessor
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Cad careened off the edge of the fire escape as he plummeted down into the alley between buildings. The Basset arx had taken a whole lot of minor injuries in this attempted escape for his life. As much as the hyrarx worked to keep Cad going, healing the blaster wounds or cuts, his pursuers seemed to know exactly the cadence required to ensure the hyrarx could not get ahead of the injuries.

He had tried to escape to the rooftops, using the increased power and agility as the Bast, the feline-like Basset race arx, to get up the side of a building in a couple bounding leaps. Only to immediately be greeted by a precision blaster shot that hit him in the right thigh. Cad hit the roof hard and rolled to try and maintain momentum pushing himself up to attempt another powered jump. A well timed shot to his left shoulder sent him spiraling and was the cause of how he found himself where he was now.

The Bast groaned as his brain processed all the additional damage his body had gained from the pinballing fall between the two tightly spaced buildings. It was hard to take account of everything wrong with him at the moment, the flight instinct was still dominating his priorities. Cad rolled over and went to push himself up but the pain from the blaster shot to his shoulder exploded in intensity and he collapsed face first into the ground. He forced himself onto his back as he gritted through the pain to gather his strength back up and continue his getaway.

As much as the dark combat clad figures had seemingly been everywhere during Cad’s attempted escape, as he lay there gasping for air through several broken ribs, only one person bore down on him.

The silver haired sidhe moved with annoying calm. Her voice, deeper than he expected but completely cold and calculating, cutting down any hope Cad had at surviving this encounter. “Always make it difficult for yourselves…prolonging the agony.”

Cad pushed himself up with his good arm to lean back against the building. “If the roles were reversed would you give up your life so easily to a murderous lunatic?”

Xiss rotated the dagger in her hand. “Once my job is complete…I will welcome death…in any form.”

Cad spat out excess saliva mixed with blood from his mouth. “You’re never going to kill all the arxs. You kill me and a new one is selected. You are stuck in this endless cycle.”

She looked down her nose at him. “Not endless.”

“You’re insane.” Cad flung his good hand out at her and fired a blast of concentrated sunlight.

Xiss’ free hand was already on the move and conjured a silvery barrier to intercept the attack. While the magical shield held against the hardened light, it had not been made to withstand the basset arx using smoke as a screen to lunge for his would be killer. She managed to backstep enough that Cad’s injuries would not allow him to press the surprise attack in any serious manner. Except, Xiss’ confidence got the better of her and she ended up letting out a startled yelp of pain as Cad sunk his feline fangs into her upper shoulder trapezius muscle.

She twisted the knife she had managed to bury in his stomach when he lunged at her. The sum total of his injuries, coupled with prolonged weariness of the hyrarx inside of him, combined with this final strike and the basset Bast lost all his strength. Xiss pushed the blade further into him and sent a pulse of power to ensure he was truly dead. Once confirmed she shrugged him off of her, Cad’s body unceremoniously fell backwards onto the ground.

Xiss was inspecting her wound when the energies of the Bast hyrarx started to leak out of Cad. A large wild cat made of pure, sunburst orange energy formed over his body to only charge up into the sky. She gave it a disgusted look before turning left the discarded body alone in the alley.