War requires sacrifice, but peace demands you sacrifice your family. Anaserra’s been divided by a bitter civil war, pitting brother against sister. To keep the peace the people of the Centre are forced to send their children into the wilds beyond their wall. One of those children wants back in. 

Our first novel, SEED, is the first in a YA Dystopian Trilogy.


Minister Lyonet destroyed Arden’s home. Wiped it clean off the map in one searing blue haze. She means to do the same with Arden’s family. In order to perpetuate the lie that siblings always bring strife, death, and war, the Minister intends to use Arden and her brother, Coy, as the prime example. A tool to re-kindle a long cold Civil War.
But there are always two sides to any war.

There’s also something the Minister doesn’t know. Arden has another sibling.

And she’s going to find them.