So you may be wondering, what are we? What do we do?

Well first and foremost we love comics, perhaps more specifically we love
a good story. They are amazing things really, insights into a persons
imagination, their desires, their goals, their beliefs, their entertainment.
The list goes on. As a people there seems to be an inner drive to tell a story,
to entertain, to preserve a tale and pass it on. We’ve been doing it since the
beginning. Storytelling is humanities history. Here at Near Mint Mill we are
principally focused on the development, and production of web-comics.
Bringing a studio, hands on feel to comics digital form. And continuing
societies tradition of passing along a tale.

Why ‘Near Mint Mill?’

Simply put, it defines our passion, and our philosophy.

There is often a pressure artists put on themselves and each other to be perfect.
While a valiant goal, it is in our INperfections that we truly find our artistic soul.
Life is not perfect, WE are never perfect, we simply strive to get as close
as we can, accept the flaws as growth, and become near mint.

The ‘Mill’ part? Love the imagery. The idea of something of worth coming
from a slow process, where we may feel like we’re grinding and being pressed,
–but the end results show the effort.

That is who we are.

Artists, accepting our imperfection,
milling out our best for your enjoyment.

Welcome to the Mill!


Founder, Co President

With a near lifetime interest in comics, Cross has been drawing nearly as long as she                                                     could hold a crayon. Realizing the dreannm-sidem of becoming a published comic book artist in 2007 with Aspen Swimsuit Splash, she went on to have several pin-ups, short stories, covers and full issues (Executive Assistant: Assassins) published with Aspen Comics. Cross has also provided countless art edits on books such as Fathom, Kiani, Soulfire, Shrugged, Dellec and more.

In 2014 she teamed up with longtime friend Kristofer, to create the webcomic The Sovereigncy as a means to hone her skills in the downtime between projects. However Cross soon realized the passion and fulfillment that working on her own creations provided. While she had the concept of her own company for a couple years previous, Cross soon began to seriously look at it as an option. Within the same year Cross had pulled the trigger, deciding to focus on webcomics, and the creation of her own company, Near Mint Mill.

Now partnered with her best friend, Cross continues to happily provide the art for The Sovereigncy, as well as work on several other properties for The Mill. Serving as the artistic arm of Near Mint, Cross scouts out new artistic talent for a myriad of webcomics to come, as well as provides logo’s and general designs for the site and company as a whole.



Kristofer Johnson (reddit RayneEvans)
Co-President, CEO

A constant dreamer, it has been said by many that Kristofer’s brain doesn’t have an off switch. After discovering the science fiction and fantasy genres as a young kid it sent his imagination into overdrive. Consuming as many different methods of media as he could led Kristofer to comics.

It is through comics that he met Cross. Over the years with her’s and many other’s                                                       patience and help he worked on his writing style. Still thinking he had a long way to go                                               before being able to create anything worth publishing it was quite the surprise when Cross                                           brought up the idea of doing a webcomic together. Always wanting to write, wanting to create                                       Kristofer couldn’t resist when she gave him a chance to bring some of his most cherished                                       characters to life.

Continually spurred on by his best friend, Kristofer imagination is unleashed as he writes                                                   The Sovereigncy and works on developing other properties for The Mill’s use. Within                                                      Near Mint Mill Kristofer provides the technical administration for the website, which is a                                                  constant learning process that is both a source of frustration and excitement for                                                         learning new things.about-page-banner-bottom-blot-2