Stories are everything.

Emotion. Comprehension. Teaching. Learning. Communication…


Stories make the world go round. They also happen to make it a vastly more interesting place to be. As well as exactly what we do here. In short, we’re storytellers. In a more wordy sense we LOVE the art. The art of writing, of drawing, of using the creativity welled up within us to well…Create. 

Here at The Mill, you’ll find stories of all sorts, ranging the gambit of genres, from Fantasy to Comedy, Comics to Novels and everything in-between. If there’s a means to tell a story, to attempt to evoke emotion from either the written word or drawn image, we’ll set our hands to it. It’s a passion, a calling, a drive that moves us forward.

We are all storytellers, and The Mill aims to present them in all their forms.

Welcome to the Mill!

Our Creators:


Founder, Co-President

With a near lifetime interest in comics, Cross has been drawing nearly as long as she could hold a crayon. Realizing the dream of becoming a published comic book artist in 2007  at Aspen Comics, with Aspen Swimsuit Splash, she went on to have several pin-ups, short stories, covers and full issues published with Aspen Comics. Cross has also provided countless art edits on books such as Fathom, Kiani, Soulfire, Shrugged, Dellec and more.

In 2014 she teamed up with longtime friend Kristofer, to create the webcomic The Sovereigncy as a means to hone her skills in the downtime between projects. However, Cross soon realized the passion and fulfillment that working on her own creations provided. While she had the concept of her own company for a couple years previous, Cross soon began to seriously look at it as an option. Within the same year Cross had pulled the trigger, deciding to focus on webcomics, and the creation of her own company, Near Mint Mill.

Now partnered with her best friend, Cross continues to serve as the artistic arm of Near Mint Mill. Providing the artwork for comics such as The Sovereigncy, Mint Tea and The C-Files. Not only does her passion for storytelling dwell among the visual but she’s also turned it on the art of writing novels. Which The Mill is happy to publish.

Co-President, CEO

A constant dreamer, it has been said by many that his brain doesn’t have an off switch. After discovering the science fiction and fantasy genres as a young kid it sent his imagination into overdrive. Consuming as many different methods of media as he could led Kristofer to comics.

It is through comics that he met Cross. Over the years with her’s and many other’s patience and help he worked on his writing style. Still thinking he had a long way to go before being able to create anything worth publishing it was quite the surprise when Cross brought up the idea of doing a webcomic together. Always wanting to write, wanting to create he couldn’t resist when she gave him a chance to bring some of his most cherished characters to life.

Continually spurred on by his best friend, his imagination is unleashed as he writes The Sovereigncy and works on developing other properties for The Mill’s use. Within Near Mint Mill, he provides the technical administration for the website, which is a constant learning process that is both a source of frustration and excitement for learning new things.