Whoa long time no news post, well hopefully that’s changing. We have a lot going on at The Mill this year and we’re going to be keeping you in the loop!

First up, we’ve added a room to our Discord! You’ll find Cross-Pollination in our Announcement section now. It’s something Cross is excited about and something she’s been wanting to do for a while now. So what is ‘Cross-Pollination?’ you might ask? Well simply put it’s our Rec section. A place where The Mill will post up links and reviews and suggestions to novels, artists, authors, other (non-Mill) webcomics, movies, games, everything we’ve come across, enjoyed and want to share with you.

We believe in lifting each other up. Being a helping hand in highlighting creators that may or may not get the attention they deserve. This is the spot you’ll find it!

If you haven’t yet joined The Mill’s Discord, DO IT NOW! It’s easy, we have a convenient link on the side of our site here, and here’s an handy dandy link right here for ya. https://discord.com/invite/sgcwRTt Just check in at the Welcome/Rules section and join the conversation and read up on our first Cross-Pollinated piece, Lone Soul by Cristen Jennette.