If you’re aware or not but today is International Women’s Day. A day to appreciate and embrace the women and contributions of women in your life. So this is a friendly reminder to do just that! Send some flowers, candy, pay for lunch, do whatever you can to the special women in your life to let them know you care and they are appreciated.

Also, thank you for supporting this woman owned business! The Mill is proud to say that two thirds of our staff are women, which we believe is unique in this industry. Comics and publishing can be hard for women, in several ways, and we fully, truly appreciate your support in all the ways that you give it. It really is part of what keeps us going.

Now we promised C-Files news and we are now prepared to 100% say that, next Monday we’ll have a firmly set release date for you!

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea
Saturday, The Sovereigncy