Just a simple recap of what all we have going on lately.

Merch wise, we just publicly released our Facemasks! Also we’ve been doing a bit of adding to other things as well, so if you take a look around our shop you’ll find new travel and latte mugs, as well as some kids clothing! (which we’ll be adding to as well)

Books, if you need a longer read than a weekly strip, the complete Seed Trilogy is available and on sale. We’re also working on new books as well so keep your eyes peeled.

Comics, we have the weekly standbys of The Sovereigncy and Mint Tea, and we’re also working on the long awaited new Season of The C-Files. Of which we plan to give you a firm release date on that next week.

We got things happening in the background as well, things we can’t yet say but are excited for. So stick around and spread the Mill love!

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea
Saturday, The Sovereigncy