Happy New Year everyone! As such we resolve not to look back on the unmentionable year and instead keep pushing forward!

So along those lines, a couple bits of news for you this week, firstly The C-Files are under construction! Yes that’s right, we’ve begun production in earnest and are looking towards a February release of their next season! Several strips are already drawn and beginning the coloring phase.

Also! A little while ago we introduced to you Sovereigncy Codices. A written form companion to our regular Sovereigncy comic. Well, we’re officially making it a monthly thing! That’s right, a Codice once a month. You’ll not only get to a peek into the universe you don’t normally see, but one into basically what a script for The Sov is like!

we also have one or two surprises planned for the year, so be excited, look forward and embrace the newness!

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea
Saturday, The Sovereigncy