Occasionally there are moments that we feel are too important to pass up addressing, this is one of those moments.

In the United States, tomorrow is a very important day that helps decide our trajectory as a country for the next four years. Election Day. And while we’d love to tell you who we feel you should to vote for, and happily will if you ask us privately, we know and recognize that this choice is a deeply personal one. One we can’t make for you. One we all need to respect. The right to choose based on our own personal convictions.

We will however, thoroughly encourage all those legally able to get out and make your voice heard. If you’re still unsure about how to vote, where to vote, who to vote for, or anything else election centered, head on over to https://www.votelikeabeast.com/ it’s non-partisan and has a lot of tools to help you through the process and decision making. To be informed and ready.

Also, we’d like to encourage you all to take a moment, put aside the partisanship, the lies, the drivel, the inflaming sentiments designed to rile you up against the ‘other’ side. Set aside your pocketbook, and fears to vote with your heart focused on your neighbor. To do not only what’s best for you, but what’s best for them. For while this is a personal decision, it’s one that affects us all. The Nation, the people, your neighbors, your friends.

In that vein, we offer only this simple advice; vote with love, seek the joy of others, bear your neighbors burdens as your own, act in kindness out of goodness, be faithful not only to your convictions but faithful in acting them out beyond the election, be gentle with everyone, and look to self-control, not just in your reactions, but in how those you may vote for act themselves.