That’s right! This is the week both our Merch store and the last book in the SEED Series launch! On the same day!

This Friday, Oct 16, our brand spanking new merch shop will be open to the public, with a range of shirt options, with over 20 designs already waiting, as well as some pillows, magnets/stickers, and phone cases! Throughout the week we’ll introduce you to some of the designs and the functions of the site so keep watching!

Also, on Friday, REAP goes on sale! Our third novel from NMM Print, is the conclusion to the SEED Series and you’ll finally get to see if Arden Summerfell reunites her family or if things take a turn for the worse. It may the conclusion to one series, but we already have another, stand alone, novel in final stages of editing, because we got book ideas for daaays.

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea
Saturday, The Sovereigncy