This week marks the one year anniversary of the release of Cross’ first novel, SEED, as well as the first anniversary of the launch of NMM Print. Since that time book 2 has been released and we’re very proud to announce that the third and final book in the series, REAP, will be released on Oct 13!

That’s right, Reap is done, and going through the final look over, bringing the triology to a close. Though not a close to NMM Print! After the end of the Seed Series, another, stand alone novel is well underway, as well as a physical copy of She Ran with Foxes is in pre-production!

So if you haven’t pick up Seed yet, or Sprout, now’s the time to read up! Because Reap is coming!

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea
Saturday, The Sovereigncy

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