Let’s face it, a lot of us, if not all are still facing a lot of time at home. Shows are binged, internet time abounds, and we still have time on our hands.

So why not read? Transport yourself to another world for a while. That’s what we’re here to help you with ALL the time. Be it through our webcomics, or in case you forgot, our physical books! Yup two have been published, SEED and SPROUT, ready and available at Barnes and Nobles online. The third and final book to the Seed Series is also in it’s final stages (i.e. formatting) so you’ll have a full set to immerse yourself in soon!

Also we’re not stopping there, Cross is already working on her fourth novel with many more scheduled beyond that. And in case you haven’t been there, there are some sneak peeks at a new webcomic in the sketching stages on our Discord!

All of these things are easy to find on our site, and if you have trouble or questions just shoot us a line and we’ll be there for ya!

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea
Friday, The C-Files Tweener
Saturday, The Sovereigncy

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