Wanted to update and introduce you all to something this week. We use quite a few different hashtags for our comics, some funny, some changing, some staples for that individual comic. #MintTea, #FairyMill, #TheCFiles etc etc.

However, it’s high time we started using one that will umbrella them all, making it easier for you to search and see all our content whenever you like. From comics to announcements to books and comments.

So welcome to the new age of: #NMM

We’ll be adding #NMM to all of out posts on all of our platforms. We also want you to as well! Whenever you share our posts, our comics, talk about them, want to talk to us, hashtag it! It’s short, it’s easy, it’s quick and convenient!

This Week:

Tuesday, Fairy Mill: NEW
Wednesday, Mint Tea: NEW

Friday, The C-Files: NOT NEW

Saturday, The Sovereigncy: NEW