Little housekeeping on the news front this week. First, a thank you for tagging along with this Season of The C-Files. While season 4 came to an end last week, never fear, Bulder and Sully will be back in September, and the ‘Tweeners well before that.

However, that leaves an empty slot in our week. And as we’ve told you before, we’re intent on bringing you content to help keep your mind off, and refreshed from the world we’re currently forced to live in. So, to that end, Cross is looking into live streaming some of her work, possibly beginning as soon as Friday. The trick is you NEED to follow Near Mint Mill’s Facebook page to catch it! So be sure to like and follow!

We’re also discussing a couple other little tidbits to share maybe every other week. So keep an eye out. ALSO don’t forget SPROUT, book two of the Seed Series is out and available in both paperback and e-book format! Help support us! Buy a copy for yourself, or someone in your life

This Week:

Tuesday, Fairy Mill: NEW
Wednesday, Mint Tea: NEW

Friday, The C-Files: NOT NEW

Saturday, The Sovereigncy: SPRING PIN-UP!