Times are strange at the moment. A lot is up in the air, people are reacting both intelligently and stupidly. And it often feels as though our stability is shaken at best, entirely upturned at worst. A great many of you are now either working from home, on leave, or trying to get to one of those points because its safer, you have kids not able to go to school, people to care for, the list goes on and on.

In this moment of what feels like an unwinding, we’re all simply trying to do our best for ourselves, and our families, and hopefully for our fellow man. Because, let’s be honest, even though isolation is the rule, we’re all still simply humanity trying to survive.

We know this is tough, we know because we’re in it right with you. We know the mental toll is going to be far worse than any physical in this long haul of social isolation. While we here at The Mill are more used to it than perhaps many of you, that only means we’re going to be working twice as hard to help you adapt, and make even just a moment a little lighter, a little easier.

Often times, as artists and writers, we look at what we do and wonder if it’s worth it, if we actually have any impact on the world with our craft. There’s the occasional high-five or comment of appreciation, but generally we’re pretty isolated and feel as though we’re set in a tiny corner of the world, making little to no helpful impact. Yet we keep pushing on. We push on because it’s our passion, yes, but also because we know that sometimes all one person may need to get through the day is one story, one laugh, one moment of simple distraction.

That is, after all, the beautiful function art has served for eons. Release, relief, enjoyment.

In moments like these, it’s our service. Our joy. For you.

So, while the world may feel upside down, Near Mint Mill wants to let you know, we’re one anchor. A place to turn to when you need a break. A momentary laugh. Or a long escape. This pandemic hasn’t effected our schedule one bit. And we will continued to publish free webcomics throughout, no stops, no pauses.

Do you need a laugh? Mint Tea will be there for you.

Need to escape into a world not our own? The Sovereigncy will be there for you.

Want the simple joy of retreating into the world of Fairy Tales? The Fairy Mill will be there for you.

Need a dose of humorous nostalgia? The C-Files is there.

Desire a deeper, longer, escape? Our novels are available. Two whole books and more to come.

We’ll be looking into other forms of keeping you happy, providing release and escape, because in times of crisis, in moments of upheaval, when humanity needs a healthy escape…turn to your artists.

It’s who we are, it’s what we do. It’s how we serve.

This Week:

Tuesday, The Fairy Mill: NEW
Wednesday, Mint Tea: NEW
Friday, The C-Files: NEW
Saturday, The Sovereigncy: NEW