Well, this is the last news post of our Fifth year of being in existence. We’ve covered a LOT of ground this year, in celebration of the anniversary, we’ve introduced purchasable Felties, gave you ice cream, introduced Kris’ blog, opened Mint Tea with the introduction of our fourth comic, Artist vs. Writer, had an original art giveaway, made original art based off your ideas, introduced you to NMM Print, published our first EVER Novel SEED, announced our upcoming Fairy Tale wing of the Mill, and gave out NMM Christmas ornaments.

We’ve been real busy, and though it was hard at times, wouldn’t exchange it for anything. Though the real shout out goes to you, our fans, our friends. We never would have made it this far without your support. With every month you guys were there and helped to make each special release and interaction a success beyond our expectations! So thank you. So very much. We hope and pray that you all stick with us for the next 5 years. Because we have more on the way…oh do we have more on the way.

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea: NEW
Friday, The C-Files: NEW
Saturday, The Sovereigncy: NEW