Not only is it Christmas week, it’s also that rare time of year where our comics go on a brief hiatus so that we can bring you Holiday pin-ups! We’re going all out this year too, not only will you be getting the annual C-Files Boxing day pic, AND The Sovereigncy pin-up, you’ll also get a Girls in the Back and Artist vs. Writer CROSSOVER pic!

But wait, that’s not all!

This week you’ll get the first peeks at our upcoming Fairy Tale! A glimpse of the art style and maybe even the content, it depends on if you’ve been good or bad.

Also! This week’s Sovereigncy pin-up marks the FIRST time you’ll see ANY Sovereigncy character in FULL COLOR! *collective gasp*

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea: PIN-UP!
Thursday, The Fairy Mill: sneak peek
Thursday, The C-Files: Boxing day pin-up
Saturday, The Sovereigncy: PIN-UP!