“Holy Hades.” Blake cursed as he got the door open and saw Shawn. “How long have they had you like this?”

“Too long.” Matt said as he hopped down into the knee deep water and moved over to support Shawn who’s forearms were shackled and chained to the ceiling.

Blake waded over and grabbed the chain. He sucked in a deep breath and then crushed the chain, snapping it.

“Anything for this?” Matt asked of the shackles.

“Laced with corsian metal. Not without breaking him or me.” Blake said.

“Zirol?” Shawn asked of their other squad member.

“Those alarms are for his funeral pyre.” Blake said waggling a thumb over his shoulder.

“May he be celebrated in the halls of his fathers.” Shawn said. “I feel I may not be far behind.” He said as Blake and Matt each got under an arm and started to lift him out of the pool.

“Not today you aren’t.” Blake said. “I never want to be the one to tell that pretty little girlfriend of yours you aren’t coming home.”

The trio moved through the facility, coming to a stop at the end of one hall. They propped Shawn up against the wall.

“Hang tight.” Blake told him as he and Matt headed around the corner and snuck into an occupied room.

“And what are you doing out of your pool?” Shawn’s main tormentor asked as he came down the hall from the other end. “Looks like someone wasn’t paying attention during lessons.” He pulled out his shock stick as he headed for Shawn.

Shawn pushed himself off the wall to face the man. The guard swung his stick hard for Shawn, but Shawn caught the end. “So confident in your ability to bully me in a weakened state.” Shawn and the guard looked at the shock stick as it beeped indicating low power. “You forgot what I could do with power.”

He had absorbed all the power in the stick and used it to break his shackles as he pulled his arms apart. Shawn hit the guard square in the chest with the palm of his hand and sent him flying down the hall to land in an unconscious mess.

Shawn looked down at the taser he had taken from him and aimed it at his forearm. He fired it into himself and easily absorbed the charge from it. Shawn frowned at the device and pulled the trigger again but to no avail. He pulled it a couple more times before ripping it out and tossing it to the side. “What do they hope to stop with that? Ants?”

“Oh hey. You’re up.” Blake said skidding to a stop as he came around the corner.
Shawn was looking up at the lights in the ceiling, tracking his way across it to the wall then down a bit. “Your assistance please.” He requested of Blake, running his finger along a spot on the wall.

“You know, punch here, works just fine. No need to be fancy.” Blake told him walking over.

“Six inches deep.” Flynn told him.

“No idea how small that is.” Blake joked before taking a breath and punching the wall. He dragged his arm the length Flynn had indicated before pulling his arm back.

“Thank you.” Flynn said stepping up to the wall and clearing out some of the debris.

Behind the wall was as expected the crystal network layout that would be throughout the whole facility.

Shawn placed one hand flat on the network then set his other hand down. He took a breath and just opened himself.

Power flowed out of the network and into Flynn, electricity arced up his arms. The lights in the hall started to flicker before they went out and the only thing lighting the section was Shawn absorbing power.

“What is going…oh.” Matt said coming back to them.

Electricity crackled over Flynn as he pulled his hands out of the wall and stepped back.

“Alright, time for them to regret capturing Delta.” Blake said ready to rumble.