I’ve mentioned before that I love talking about the Sov. Probably to an obsessive level and as very few people understand what I’m talking out it perhaps comes off a little bit creepy. The more I talk about it, the more I think about it and the more I world build, which is my favourite thing! See, little bit insane. Regardless! I have a platform here that I can use to expand upon elements from The Sovereigncy.

First off, I would define the Sov as a Science Fantasy. I have my reasons for why, but they will be revealed in the stories as they are told.

Star Wars was a big one when I was young, I got so sucked into it that I was reading any book I could get my hands on. Through thick and thin I stuck with the novels, living the lives of those characters with them. Until the recent dark times, when the mouse came into the picture. Star Trek Voyager was also a big one for me and got me into the Star Trek universe. Which pushed me to falling in love with Stargate and I was well and truly hooked on the Science Fiction genre, and yes I am aware Star Wars isn’t science fiction, you get the point though.

Lord of the Rings movies were also a thing in my late teenage years as I started leaning more towards the creative side of things. I don’t remember how many times I saw the Two Towers in theatres, it was so well done. That battle of Helms Deep is a masterpiece. As good as they were I wanted real power, real magic in my world. I watched the old X-men animated series in the 90’s. The Phoenix storyline has heavily influenced the Sov, specifically the Arxs. I’ll get into them later. If mutants could have a wide array of powers, why couldn’t we have a world of magic and science.

Games also provided fuel for the creative fires. I loved the idea of the Warcraft universe. All those races living, fighting together. I wanted that but more diversity.

Then the Thor movies came out and I was like ‘Yes!” As Thor says, he comes from a world were magic and science are one in the same.

And thus the Sov is all of that and more. As the Sov grows, living and breathing with each story told, you will see elements from those listed above as well as so much more. We live in a world where it’s hard to come up with an original idea, but I hope that merging so many things together I can tell stories that aren’t limited to one genre or another. The Sov exists in such a way that any story can be told. My ultimate playground.