It’s been two weeks which means I need a new blog! Thankfully after complaining about writing blogs in my last blog, Cross had an idea. Since I pretty much write Sov fanfiction every day, why not use some of that to help explain and expand the world of the Sovereigncy. Granted most of it exists in a sort of a pseudo Sov universe that exists somewhere between the Sov you read and my imagination. Why a pseudo Sov universe? Because I’m too lazy and don’t write all my ideas down!

So with Cross’ help we’ll look through all my old stuff to see what’s somewhat usable, make it usable and post that in the hopes of saving me some anguish from having to write blogs. Which leads to the goal I had wanted to achieve with the blog and that was community interaction! I LOVE talking about the Sov. If there is anything you want explained or want explored in further detail, leave a comment somewhere, or hit me up on twitter @RayneEvans. Otherwise we’re all subject to what Cross deems worthy.

I’ll come up with a new name so we’ll know the difference between regular blog and not. Hopefully that’s something people want, if not, it’s something I want so we’re going with it. 😀