It is clear to me that I am not a blog style writer as is evident by the fact I couldn’t get one done in September. I tried, but last month was a struggle and while I wanted to get at least one done, nothing inspired me to the point of writing it out.

It is about fifty-fifty on my attitude towards blogs and what I actually enjoy writing. In this day and age where billions of people are using the internet and there are countless websites that want you to blog, to me, it feels equivalent to screaming into the void. Don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing blogs in general. For most people and their mental health, just to have an additional outlet to express themselves is fantastic. I know a few people read this, my mom ♥️ and Cross (because apparently I have a subconscious thing against commas), but there’s just nothing exciting about this medium to me.

Even though ninety-nine point nine nine nine repeating percent of what I write is only seen by Cross and myself, I enjoy coming up with the random fluff, regular life stuff in the Sov universe infinitely more. I write a blog of my thoughts at the moment, post it and then what? I know I don’t see the effects, but I hope those that do read it get something out of it. Where, with the Sov stuff, I’m creating lives, developing characters, there is a progression there that I can see. It is a discernible difference in growth of the characters involved and my comfort level with them and what I’m willing to write.

The last month when Cross would ask about the blog I’d always have the problem of nothing to write about. She’d suggest topics, but nothing triggered that inspirational spark in me. Even now I’m not inspired, I’m just writing this out of annoyance at having to write it. Rage, anger, hatred are all powerful motivational tools, you just have to make sure you direct them properly into something positively creative. Even though I had no idea what to expect from the June Request a comic contest and even further didn’t know anything about the Dune Litany of Fear, I had far more fun learning and coming up with that. There was a learning process with that, where these blogs I don’t see that type of gain for me personally. That could also entirely be the depression talking, but it is what it is right now in this moment.

I’m still going to try to write these. Do I know what the topic for the next one is going to be? Absolutely no idea. A list of topics is nice but at the same time once I’ve discarded it once I’m likely to continually discard it until I completely forget it was a suggestion in the first place.

It’s not that I hate blogs, I’m just not enthralled by them as I am with the fictional lives of my fictional characters in my fictional world. When I say it out loud like that it doesn’t sound great. But it is what it is, you do the things you don’t like so you can do the things you love. Work a 9-5 so you can have the money to do what you want to do. Like writing comics and building out its world. I write a blog so that there’s more content to help grow the brand and hopefully one day I don’t have to work a normal job and just write amusing nonsense all day. Not a big dream but it’s my dream and that’s something I need to remember when I’m writing these things.