This is the week! Our very first print book, our very first novel, SEED, releases this Thursday!

It’ll be available at Barnes and Noble’s website, and we’ll have more information about that on the day itself. Namely the link that’ll take you directly to our book!

Clearly this is a big thing for us here at the Mill, and for Cross personally, and we’d love to share that with you all. Given time, space and money we know that’s a difficult proposition. HOWEVER! We’ve found a way to celebrate the launch of Seed with any and everyone who wishes to participate.

It’s easy, whenever you order your copy of Seed, head on out and celebrate, grab an ice cream, get some cake, slice of pie, and enjoy yourself! Take a pic of whatever or however you decide to celebrate our launch, post it hashtag it #Seed and tag us, tag Cross, let us all see and party together! Cross already has her party menu selected, let’s see what you all choose and make this the largest widespread launch party ever!

Also this Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea: NEW

Thursday, Seed novel: LAUNCH!

Saturday, The Sovereigncy: NEW