It’s a monday AND the 5th! And boy do we have news for you! Fifth of the month means Fifth Anniversary news, and this month, well, we can’t just contain it into one teeny little four week period. No, this month’s Fifth announcement spans BOTH August and September!

Just what its it that can take up two months you ask? Well were happy to tell you!

Today marks the beginning of a new wing of Near Mint Mill. NMM Print! Oh yes, that does mean what you think it means. PHYSICAL BOOKS! We are currently well underway in the production of a special long standingly waiting book of which well announce before October. HOWEVER! Were not just announcing the new wing of The Mill today, oh no. Were also happy to finally be able to announce NMM Prints first foray into the world of publishing with SEED!

Were not just pretty comics and funny strips anymore. Storytelling is in our blood and now our fingers as were branching out with our first novel! SEED, written by Cross, is a Young Adult (YA) Dystopian trilogy. The first of which will be available for purchase through Barnes and Noble Press, where you can buy your own physical copy to enjoy! And when will this be available? Well that’s where the two month long announcement comes in, because….


Is when Seed will go up for sale! But don’t worry we’ll be talking it up and letting you know more and more about the novel throughout August. It’s not that far away! 

Alright onto the news for this week, in June we asked you for ideas for custom strips. Well this week you get the special custom Sov strip! Along with a custom suggested C-Files Tweener!

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea: NEW

Friday, The C-Files Tweener: NEW

Saturday, The Sovereigncy 5th Anniversary Special: NEW